Gazetteer 14 - The Atruaghin Clans

Creating a Character

Language: Atruaghin

Selecting a Totem

Nothing is more important to the Atruaghin Clans than the concept of totem spirits. They believe that each and every person is linked to an animal spirit and has within him both the strengths and weaknesses of that creature. Because of this, a character's totem spirit is shown in his personality. This section provides guidelines for determining what type of totem spirit a character has. Once its general nature has been determined, it is up to the player to select the totem, subject to his Dungeon Master's veto.

Totem Type: Fish, Mollusk, Arachnid, Crustacean, Insect, Amphibian, Reptile, Avian, or Mammal

Totem Ecology: Herbivore, Omnivore, Scavenger or Carnivore

Family History

The Arruaghin Clans are a closely knit people. Perhaps more any other human society of the Known World, they identify with the community as a whole and think of themselves as part of a greater culture. This is not to say that individuals do not matter, merely that the social values of support to one's family or friends and the importance of community spirit are often placed above a character's own urge for self preservation. The average Atruaghin Clans character would gladly give up his own life to save his friends or family from hardship, let alone death. Because of this, it is important to know how extensive a character's ties to his tribe are. The following tables are designed to determine just that.

Starting Age

Before details about the character's family can proceed, his or her starting age must be determined. Atruaghin children are pushed into the world at a younger age than they are in most other parts of the world, so all characters will begin play at the age of 12 plus the roll of 1d4.


All of the Atruaghin Clans keep careful track of a person's ancestry. In some tribes, inheritance and lineage is traced through the mother's side while in others the father is the important factor. Further, extended families are not uncommon. For the purposes of character generation, we will not worry about aunts, uncles, and the like, although individual players and Dungeon Masters are encouraged to work out as detailed a family tree as they like. It is not unusual for an Atruaghin character to be able to trace his family tree back many generations. In fact, some can plot their ancestry right back to the time of Atruaghin himself. Regardless of such considerations, the following chart is used to determine if a character's parents and grandparents are still alive.

To use the Parent Status Table on the next page, roll percentile dice six times (once for each of a character's parents and grandparents) and record the results. When checking parents, add the character's age to the number rolled. When checking for grandparents, add twice the character's age. If desired, checks can also be made for each of a character's great-grandparents (eight in number) by adding three times the character's age.

01 to 75 - Alive, in good health76 to 90 - Alive, in poor healthover 91 - No longer alive


Once the extent of a character's family has been determined, it is important to note the age and sex of each of the children so that the character can know where he Stands. Atruaghin characters are expected to show their older siblings great respect and to act as role-models for their younger brothers and sisters.

The sex of a sibling is easy enough to determine; the player simply rolls a die (of any type). If the roll is even, the sibling is male. If the roll is odd, the sibling is female. To determine the age of a sibling, begin by rolling a six-sided die. If the roll is low (1, 2, or 3 }, the sibling is younger. If the roll is high (4 , 5, or 6) the sibling is older. To determine the exact age of the sibling, roll 1d4 and add (if older) or subtract (if younger) the result from the character's age. For each older or younger sibling after the first, add an additional +1 to the die roll. Thus, if a character has three younger brothers, the age for the first is based on a 1d4 roll, the second on 1d4+1, and the third on 1d4+2. If two or more siblings are of the same age they may {5% chance) be twins, otherwise one or more of them may be adopted or they may have been born, as the saying goes, "nine months and ten minutes apart."

Roll percentile dice on the following table to determine if he or she is still alive. There are no modifiers to the roll.

01 to 75 - Alive, in good health76 to 90 - Alive, in poor healthover 91 - No longer alive

Character Options:

Character Races


Available - Atruaghin


By Negotiation - Bronze, Copper, Gold and Green


By Negotiation - Bearfolk, Minotaur as Elkfolk, Tabaxi as Rakasta, Tortle


By Negotiation - Centaur


NPCs Only:- Lycanthrope (Werewolf)

Secret Crafts

- Masters of the Spirits (Atruaghin)

Character Classes


Available - Path of the Totem Warrior (Bear, Elk, Horse, Tiger, Turtle) - Animalistic (Bearfolk, Elkfolk, Rakasta, Tortle), Human (Atruaghin), Monstrous (Centaur)By Negotiation - Path of the Totem Warrior (Chosen of Atruaghin) - Human (Atruaghin)


Available - College or Valor - Human (Atruaghin)


Available - Religion of the Atruaghin Clans (Energy - Fire or War, Matter - Earth or Nature, Thought - Tempest, Entropy - War)By Negotiation - Follower of Ahmanni (Thought - Ocean, Tempest)- Follower of Atruaghin (Matter - Earth, Justice)- Follower of Hattani (Matter - Nature, War)- Follower of Mahmatti (Energy - Fire, Travel)- Follower of Tahkati (Energy - Travel, War)NPCs Only - Follower of Daniel (Entropy - Tyranny, War)


Available - Circle of the Land (Coast, Forest, Grassland) - Human (Atruaghin)By Negotiation - Circle of the Shepherd - Human (Atruaghin)- Circle of the Stones - Human (Atruaghin)


Available - Cavalier - Human (Atruaghin)- Champion - Human (Atruaghin)- Weapons Master - Human (Atruaghin)NPCs Only - Edjet - Dragonborn


By Negotiation - Oath of the Eagle - Human (Atruaghin)


Available - Beast Master - Human (Atruaghin)NPCs Only - Hidden Guardian - Human (Atruaghin)- Zobecker Scout - Dragonborn


Available - Scout - Human (Atruaghin)


Available - Draconic Bloodline (Bronze, Green) - Human (Atruaghin)NPCs Only - Lycanthropic Bloodline - Human (Atruaghin)


NPCs Only - Arcane Tradition of Dragon Masks - Dragonborn

Setting Information

The Clans

Using tribe generation rules from Gaz12 substituting appropriate animals where necessary.

  • Bear Clan (43 Families) - Two War Parties (662 members in each party) - 45,000 members
  • Elk Clan (50 Families) - Two War Parties (662 members in each party) - 30,000 members
  • Horse Clan (31 Families) - Two War Parties (662 members in each party) - 70,000 member
  • Tiger Clan (58 Families) - Two War Parties (662 members in each party) - 60,000 members
  • Turtle Clan (22 Families) - One War Party (662 members in each party) - 25,000 members