Immortality in Mystara

Mystara does not have actual gods like other settings, clerics venerate the Immortals instead. Immortals were once great adventurers that have epic quests and petitioning to past Immortals transcended their mortal form to take their place forever in the Outer Planes.

Each Immortal serves one of the five Spheres of Power, each Sphere represents one of the distinct components of the Multiverse. Clerics of Mystara can venerate a specific Immortal, and entire pantheon or just a Sphere of Power.

The Immortals hold each other in balance, none may actively interfere with the world without rebuke from others. Instead the Immortals secretly take mortal guise to walk the world unnoticed. While their power is greatly reduced when they do this, they are still creatures of immense power in their guise.

The primary role of the Immortals is to keep balance among the Spheres. Each Sphere must be kept in harmony with the others for the Multiverse to continue. An imbalance between the Spheres can have catastrophic results. The Sphere of Entropy stands apart from the others, trying to cause the end of the Multiverse so they can recreate the next world in their image.

Becoming an Immortal

Note: 20th level characters only

The other purpose for Immortals is to sponsor mortals that wish to join them. It is not a easy task, for more perish than ever succeed. One cannot become an Immortal without the help of a sponsor, and there is no guarantee a mortal will ever gain a sponsor. Once a mortal has obtained a sponsor they must partake of a task to prove the mortal is indeed worthy.

The path of the Dynast is one of time. The hero must prove themselves worthy by building a dynasty worthy of an Immortal. This task requires the hero to establish a long lasting rule by the hero and descendants. The hero must populate the realm with sufficient people and build a capitol for the new realm.

The other challenge of the Dynast is they must travel in time to help their descendants retain the realm built by the hero. The hero must quest for an artifact to accomplish this, then they are worthy of immortality.

The Epic Hero for the sphere of thought, must under go a series of quests, first to find a powerful artifact of Thought. Then to destroy an artifact of Entropy. Then the Epic Hero must create a great weapon, train a worthy successor and finally complete an epic quest taking no less than five years to accomplish.

The Paragon is a test of creation and conquest into the sphere of energy. The hero must find an artifact of Thought, then create an entirely unique magical item that requires at least one impossible component. Once those are finished the Paragon must train no fewer than half a dozen apprentices and see them rise in power. Finally the Paragon must challenge and defeat all wizards with 1,000 miles before they are eligible.

The Polymath demands its candidate partake a quest for an artifact that will force the hero to quest for it several times for the sphere of matter. Each time the hero attains the artifact the artifact resets the hero back to 1st level of a different class with no memories of the past lives. The hero must then find the artifact again with a party with at least four different classes, until the fourth time when all memories and levels are returned. Then the candidate must build an monument of their achievement.

Path of the Conqueror (See GAZ10)

The Spheres of Power

Sphere of Energy - The principle of Energy is associated with activity and chaos, as well as the magical schools of Evocation and Illusion and the element of fire. Energy dominates Matter by making it unstable, opposes Thought’s categorisation, and is subject to Time’s organisation. Fire burns earth and is in turn quenched by water.

Sphere of Matter - The principle of Matter is associated with stasis and stability, as well as the magical schools of Abjuration and Conjuration and the element of earth. Matter dominates Thought by forcing it to be logical, opposes Time’s attempts to change things, and is subject to Energy’s introduction of chaos. Earth chokes air and is in turn burned by fire.

Sphere of Thought - The principle of Thought is associated with perception and categorisation of things, as well as the magical schools of Divination and Enchantment and the element of air. Thought dominates Time by enforcing free will, opposes Energy’s chaos, and is subject to Matter’s restriction. Wind dries water and is in turn blocked by earth.

Sphere of Time - The principle of Time is associated with steady change, as well as the magical schools of Necromancy and Transmutation and the element of water. Time dominates Energy’s chaos by organising its change, opposes Matter’s stability, and is subject to Thought’s imposition of free will. Water quenches fire and is in turn dried by wind.

Sphere of Entropy - The principle of Entropy is associated with death and destruction, but not with any particular magical schools or elements. Entropy is in opposition to all the other principles. Entropy seeks to Destroy Matter, dissipate Energy, stagnate Time, and Stifle Thought.

Sphere of Energy (28)

Ranks of Energy

  • Hierarchs: Ixion (36), Ilsundal (33), Razud (31)
  • Eternals: Tarastia (30), Rathanos (28), Thor (28), Pflarr (25)
  • Empereals: Mealiden (23), Rad (22), Rafiel (21), Eiryndul (20), Gorm (?), Madarua (?), Usamigaras (?)
  • Celestials: Zirchev (17), Alphatia (16), Bartziluth (?), Minroth (?), Mahmatti (?), Slizzark (?), Tahkati (?)
  • Temporal: Marwdyn (?), Palartarkan (?), The Shining One (?)
  • Initiates: Bemarris (?), Benekander (?), Kythria (?), Patura (?)

Immortals of Energy

Alphatia (L16) - Pacifism, Artistry, Opposing Alphaks

Uao-Lan, Patroness of Alphatia, Patroness of Arts, Lady of Harmony (MPH 90)Sponsor: RazudAllies: Koryis and RazudEnemies: AlphaksSymbol: A glowing shield with paints dabbed on it like am artist's paletteWI14, HW97

Eiryndul (C20) - Elves, Mischeief, Forest Races

Eyris, Shaibuth, the Adventurer, Patron of Cleaverness, Patron of Shiye-Lawr, Patron of Adventure (MPH 93)Patron: RahtanosAllies: Rathanos, Faunus, Korotiku, ZirchevEnemies: LokiArtefact Weapons: Short Sword of EiryndulSymbol: A white, smiling set of teeth, like the Cheshire Cat's, against a black backgroundWI19, HW100

Ilsundal The Wise (L33) - Protection of Elves

The Wise One, Ayodhya, Dain, Tiuz, the Guide, Laksman, Sata, Tapio, Patron of Elves (MPH 96)Allies: Mealiden, Calithia, OrdanaEnemies: AtzanteotlArtefacts: The Tree of LifeSymbol: A silhouette of the oaken tree of lifeWI22, HW104

Ixion (N36) - Banishing Darkness, Opposing Entropy

The Sun Prince, Ayazi, Himayeti, Aksyri, Dazbog, Horon, Idu, Orisis, Otzitiotl, Pyrak, Pyro, Solarios, Father Sun, Tabak, Tubak the Lawgiver, Tyr, Warruntam, Xi-Yang, Lord of Light and Energy (MPH 96)Allies: Asterius, Valerias and KaEnemies: Aztanteotl, NyxArtefact Weapons: Greatsword of Ixion and Longbow of IxionSymbol: A flaming wheelReligions: Ethengar ClansDomains: Justice, LightWI23, HW104

Mealiden Starwatcher (L23) - Protecting Ilsundal

The Guardian, Milan, The Red Arrow, Patron of Alfheim, Caretaker of the Elves, Patron of Explorers and Adventurers (MPH 100)Patron: IlsundalAllies: IlsundalArtefact Weapons: Longbow of MealidenSymbol: A rainbow with one star above it and one star belowWI28, HW109

Pflarr (N25) - Study of Magic, Creation of Races

The Jackal-HeadPatron: RathanosAllies: RathanosEnemies: ThanatosArtefact Weapon: Sickle of PflarrSymbol: A jackal head with human eyesWI32, HW112

Rad (L22) - The Radiance

Patron of Glantri, Patron of Magic, Lord of Radiance (MPH 102)Symbol: Three hemispheres which connect to form a triangle insideWI33

Rafiel (L21) -

Patron of the Shadowelves, Patron of Science (MPH 102)Enemies: AtzanteotlSymbol: A book cover with a star in its centre, representing wisdom and celestial learningWI34, HW114

Rathanos (C28) - Energy Life Forms

Ra, Patron of Nithia, Lord of Fire (MPH 103)Patron: IxionAllies: Pflarr and EiryndulEnemies: Duilanna and VanyaArtefact Weapon: Club of RathanosSymbol: A burning brandWI35, HW114

Razud (N31) - Alphatia, Helping the self sufficient

Allies: Alphatia, KoryisEnemies: AlphaksArtefact Weapons: Staff of RazudSymbol: The Granite Tree (normally oak)WI36, HW115

Tarastia (L30) - Justice, Revenge

Pax Bellancia, The Judge, Var, Ta Lai Si-Fa, Patroness of Justice and Revenge, Mistress of Truth and Order (MPH 103)Patron: IxionAllies: DiulannaArtefact Armour: Full Plate Armour of TarastiaArtefact Weapon: Headsman's Axe of TarastiaSymbol: Black headsman's axeWI36, HW116

Thor (N28) - Warrior's Code of Honour

Donar, Donegal, Tuatis, The General, The Thunderer, Dugong, Patron of Warriors, Lord of Battle and Honour (MPH 106)Patron: OdinAllies: Frey, Freyja and OdinEnemies: LokiArtefact Armour: Scale Armour of ThorArtefact Weapons: Throwing Hammer of Thor and Warhammer of ThorSymbol: The War HammerWI37, HW116

Zirchev (N17) - Forest Folk

The Huntsman, Leug, Uatuma, Protector of the Sylvan Races, Patron of Hunting (MPH 108)Artefact Weapons: Longbow of ZirchevSymbol: A hawk riding on the shoulders of a wolfWI39, HW119

Extra Immortals

Bartziluth (C Celestial) - Bugbears, Warfare

HruggekArtefact Weapons: Morning Star of BartziluthSymbol: A huge, spiked maceWI39, HW99

Bemarris (C Initiate) - Combat


Benekander (Initiate)


Gorm (C Empyreal) - Justice, Storms, War


Kythria (C Initiate)

Patron: EiryndulWI40

Madarua (L Empyreal) Warriors


Mahmatti Running Elk (L Celestrial)

Symbol: The clay pipeReligions: Atruaghin ClansDomains: Fire, TravelWI40, G14-20

Marwdyn (C Temporal) - Magic, Undead

The Hanged ManWI40

Minroth (N Celestial) -

Patron of Minrothad, Patron of Hope and Prosperity (MPH 100)WI40

Palartarkan (L Temporal) Study of Magic

The Lofty OneSymbol: A floating mountainWI40, HW111

Patura (C initiate)

HeraPatron: IxionWI40

The Shining One (C Temporal) - Kobolds

KurtulmakSymbol: A helmet of the Northern Reaches (complete with horns, a mask-like eye-guard, and a nose guard)WI41, HW115

Slizzark the Lurker (C Celestial)


Tahkati Storm-Tamer (N Celestial) -

Patron of the Clan of the Horse (MPH 103)Symbol: Warbonnet and buffalo bone knifeReligions: Atruaghin ClansDomains: Travel, WarWI41, G14-15

Usamigaras (N Empyreal) - healing


Sphere of Matter (24)

Ranks of Matter

  • Hierarchs: Terra (36), Ka (35), Djaea (34), Atruaghin (32), Valerias (31)
  • Eternals: Kagyar (28), The Great One (26), Polunius (?)
  • Empyreals: Gorrziok (?), Maat (?), Wayland (?)
  • Celestials: Diamond (16), Opal (13), Pearl (10), Hattani (?), Malafor (?)
  • Temporals: Faunus (11), Crakkak (?), Forsetta (?), Garl (?)
  • Initiate: Chiron (?), Lokena (?), The Twelve Watches (?), Wogar (?)

Immortals of Matter

Atruaghin (L32) - Attruaghin Clans, "New Way" Azcans

Quetzalcoatl, Father of the Atruaghin Clans, Patron of Good and Wisdom, Saviour of the Azcans (MPH 90)Enemies: AtzanteotlArtefact Weapon: Tomahawk of AtruaghinSymbol: A warbonnet and tomahawkReligions: Atruaghin ClansDomains: Earth, JusticeWI16, G14-11

Diamond (L16) - Lawful Dragons (Metalic Dragons)

The Star DragonPatron: The Great OneAllies: The Great One, Ka, TerraEnemies: PearlSymbol: A crown sculpted to resemble a snake swallowing its tail, with a huge diamond set in the top of the snake's head.WI18

Djaea (N34) - Survival of Worlds

Allies: KhoronusEnemies: Atzanteotl, Orcus, ThanatosArtefact Weapon: War Hammer of DjaeaSymbol: A large white stone with a serpent curled around itWI19

Faunus (C11) - Forest Races, Hedonism

Innuus, LupercusPatron: TerraAllies: Eiryndul and ZirchevArtefacts Weapons: Javelin of Faunus and Sling of FaunusSymbol: A drinking-horn with ram's hornsWI20, HW101

The Great One (N26) - All Dragons

Ruler of All DragonkindPatron: TerraAllies: Diamond, Opal, Pearl, TerraSymbol: A three-headed dragonWI21

Ka the Preserver (L35) - Lizardfolk, Hollow World

The Amber Serpent, KalaktatlaPatron: TerraEnemies: Alphaks, Atzanteotl, Hel and ThanatosAllies: Korotiku, Ordana, Diamond, TerraSymbol: A feathered, winged, amber-coloured serpentWI23, HW106

Kagyar (N28) - Arts, Dwarves, Brute-men

The Artisan, Belsamas, Ka-Gar, Modsognir, Nin-Agar, Flasheyes, Pater, Ptahr, Patron of Dwarves, Patron of Craftsmen, Protector of Miners (MPH 97)Sponsor: KaAllies: GaralEnemies: JammudaruArtefact Weapons: Throwing Hammer of Kagyar, Dagger of KagyarSymbol: Hammer and chisel crossed in an "X"WI24, HW106

Opal (N13) - Neutral (Gemstone) Dragons

The Sun Dragon, Ruler of all Neutral (Gemstone) DragonsSponsor: The Great OneSymbol: A crown sculpted to resemble a snake swallowing its tail, with a huge opal stone set in the top of the snake's head.WI30

Pearl (C10) - Chaotic (Chromatic) Dragons

The Moon Dragon, Ruler of all Chaotic (Chromatic) DragonsSponsor: The Great OneAllies: The Great OneSymbol: A crown sculpted to resemble a snake swallowing its tail, with a huge, round pearl set in the top of the snake's headWI31

Terra (L36) - Earth-Based Creatures and Races

Cay, Dun, Frigg, Maderakka, Mother Earth, Magna Mater, Marau-Ixui, Mokosz, Mut, Sumag, Yamag, Yamuga the Yurt Dweller, Patroness of Life and Fertility (MPH 105)Allies: Nyx, DiamondSymbol: A circle of stones with any sort of plant or creature (often a flower) growing from itReligions: Ethengar ClansDomains: Life, NatureWI37

Valerias (C31) - Romance and Passion

Ashanti, Biao Hun Xi-Ai, Girder-on of Weapons, Hathnor, Isiris, Shaya, Sjofn, Vanu, Immortal of Love, Patroness of Passion and Desire, Lady of Charity, Protector of Lovers (MPH 106)Allies: IxionArtefact Weapons: Full Plate of ValeriasArtefact Weapons: Short Sword of ValeriasSymbol: A delicate rose with especially-sharp thornsWI38, HW117

Extra Immortals

Chiron (L Initiate) - Forest Races


Crakkak of the Sharp Tooth (C Temporal)

Patron of Shark-kinWI39

Forsetta (L Temporal) -

Porewit, Patron of Law and Justice, Patron of Loyalty, Patron of Vestland (MPH 93)WI40

Garl Glittergold (C Temporal) - Gnomes, Art

Garal Glitterloda, Patron of Gnomes, Patron of Invention and Crafts, Supreme Technician (MPH 95)Symbol: A glittering, faceted crystalWI40, HW102

Gorrziok the Wave Lord (L Empereal) - Giants


Hattani Stoneclaw (N Celestial) -

Patron of the Clan of the Bear (MPH 95)Symbol: Bear Claw pendantReligions: Atruaghin ClansDomains: Nature, WarWI40, G14-16

Lokena (L Initiate)

AthenaPatron: KaWI40

Maat (L Empyreal)


Malafor the Dolphin-Friend (N Celestial)


Polunius the Designer (N Eternal) - Art


The Twelve Watches (N Initiate) - Craftmanship

Symbol: A medallion depicting two staring eyes without the suggestion of a faceWI41, HW117

Wayland (N Empyreal) - Craftsman


Wogar The Wolf Lord (N Initiate) - Goblins

Maglubiyer, Wold-LordSymbol: Wolf's head seen front-onWI41, HW118

Sphere of Thought (22)

Ranks of Thought

  • Hierarchs: Odin (36), Noumena (34), Korotiku (32)
  • Eternals: Asterius (27), Tyche (?)
  • Empyreal: Brindorhin (?), Ssu-Ma (?),
  • Celestials: Diulanna (18), Halav (17), Frey (13), Freyja (13), Ahmanni (?), Cretia (?), Sinbad (?)
  • Temporals: Koryis (10), Coberham (?), Harrow (?)
  • Initiates: Karaash (5), Nob (?), Palson (?), Tiresias (?), Turmis (?)

Immortals of Thought

Asterius (N27) - Trade, Merchants, Thieves

Belnos, Hermod, Kudesha, The Merchant, Murtijai, Zephyr, Patron of Trade and Money, Patron of Communication, Protector of Merchants and Thieves (MPH 90)Patron: KorotikuAllies: Ixion and KorotikuEnemies: ThanatosArtefact Weapon: The four Daggers of AsteriusSymbol: The MoonWI15, HW98

Diulanna (N18) - Wikkpower, Strong-willed Heroes

Arduinna, Patroness of Will and Courage, Patroness of Hunting (MPH 93)Patron: KorotikuArtefact Weapon: Spear of DiulannaSymbol: A spear thrust clean through a boulderWI18, HW100

Frey (L13) - Intelligent warfare, Counselling Odin

Brian, Fredar, Jarilo, Patron of Friendship and Fertility, Odin's Tactician (MPH 94)Patron: OdinAllies: Odin and ThorEnemies: LokiArtefact Armour: Scale Mail of FreyArtefact Weapon: Longsword of FreySymbol: Golden boar and a crossed sceptre and sickleWI20, HW101

Freyja (L13) - Intelligent Warefare, Finding new candidates

Brianna, Fredara, Lada, Patroness of Love and Beauty, Patroness of Family and Fertility, Mistress of Seidh, Keeper of Souls (MPH 94)Patron: OdinAllies: Odin and ThorEnemies: LokiArtefact Armour: Scale Mail of FreyjaArtefact Weapon: Longsword of FreyjaSymbol: A pegasusWI20, HW101

Halav (L17) - Warfare, Opposing Humanoids

Redhair, Svetovid, Vidar, Patron of Warfare, Patron of Weaponsmiths, Patron of Traladara, Patron of Kendach, Protector of Milenia, Bane of the Humanoids (MPH 95)Patron: OdinAllies: Petra and ZirchevEnemies: Atzanteotl, Bagni, Gullymaw, Bartziluth, Jammudaru, Ranivorus, The Shining One, Wogar and YagraiArtefact Armour: Full Plate of HalavArtefact Weapon: Spear of HalavSymbol: A sword laid upon an anvilWI21, HW103

Karaash (N5) - Orcs

IlnervalPatron: DuilannaEnemies: Aztanteotl, RanivorusArtefact Armour: Full Plate of KaraashArtefact Weapons: Greatsword of KaraashSymbol: A huge two-handed sword, the lower half of the blade is normal, the upper half of the blade has an even row of many wicked-looking flanges on both edgesWI24, HW107

Korotiku (C32) - Mischief, Thinking

The Spider, The Trickster, Guan Zi-You, The Shapechanger, Saimpt Renard, The Surpreme Spider, Yehm, The Cheat, Patron of the Pearl Islands and the Tanagoro, Patron of Spiders (MPH 98)Artefact Weapons: Four Daggers of KorotikuSymbol: A black spider silhouetteWI26, HW107

Koryis (L10) - Peace, Prosperity

Patron of Peace and Prosperity, Patron of Ochalea (MPH 99)Allies AlphatiaEnemies: AlphaksSymbol: A hand held palm forwards, fingers up, representing a hand-sign of peaceful intentWI26, HW108

Noumena (N34) - Tactics, Games, Puzzles, Mysteries

Sponsor: OdinArtefact Weapon: Rapier of NourmenaSymbol: A game-boardWI28

Odin (L36) - Wise Rule, Living life to the fullest

Wotan, Viuden, Taranos, Zephyr, Amon, He Who Watches, Grammaton, Jumal, oloron, Father Sky, Perun, Patron of the Northlands, Patron of Fair Rulership and Nobility, Lord of Sky and Winds (MPH 101)Allies: Frey, Freyja, ThorEnemies: Loki and HelArtefact Amour: Plate Mail of OdinArtefact Weapons: Spear of OdinSymbol: Silhouette of two ravens facing one another, with the head of a man between them, they whisper into his earsWI29, HW110

Extra Immortals

Ahmanni Turtlerider (L Celestial) -

Patron of the Clan of the Turtle (MPH 89)Symbol: A whale tooth necklaceReligions: Atruaghin ClansDomains: Ocean, TempestWI39, G14-14

Cretia (C Celestial) -

Patron of Jokes, Lord of Trouble and Chaos, Patron of War, The Troublestarter (MPH 92)Religions: Ethengar ClansDomains: Tempest, TrickeryWI39

Harrow (C Temporal)


Palson (L Initiate)


Sinbad (C Celestial)


Ssu-Ma (L Empyreal) - Magic


Tiresias (N Initiate)


Turmis (N Initiate)

Patron: KorotikuWI41

Tyche (C Eternal) - Luck



Brindorhin (Empyreay)

Patron of Halflings, High Hero and Protector of the Five Shires, Patron of Abundance (MPH 91)

Coberham Shadowglint (Temporal) -

Patron of Hin, Protector of the Five Shires, First Master (MPH 92)

Nob Nar (Initiate) -

Patron of Halfling, Protector of the Five Shires, Patron of Adventurers and Audacity (MPH 100)

Sphere of Time (14)

Ranks of Time

  • Hierarchs: Khoronus (36), Ordana (31), Vethandi (?)
  • Eternals: Protius (29)
  • Empyreals: Vanya (23)
  • Celestials: Calithia (18), Petra (17), Chardastes (?), Kallala (?), Sharpcrest (?), Yav (?)
  • Initiates: Al-Kalim (3), Liena (?), Taroyas (?)

Immortals of Time

Al-Kalim (L3) - Making the Ylari desert lush, Patron of Ylaruam

The Peacemaker, Patron of Ylaruam, Holy Prophet of the Eternal Truth, Patron of Tactics and Warfare (MPH 89)Patron: ProtiusArtefact Weapon: Scimitar of Al-KalimSymbol: The silhouette of a Palm Tree growing out of the desert with a moon rising behind itWI13

Calithia Starbrow (N18) - Oceans, Sea-Elves

TallivaiPatron: OrdanaAllies: OrdanaEnemies: ProtiusArtefact Weapon: Trident of CalithiaSymbol: A giant pearl lying in mother-of-pearlWI17, HW100

Khoronus (N36) - Teaching lessons of time to rulers

Fu Shi Liu, Naabu, Father Time, Keeper of the Gates of Time, Patron of History and Philosophy (MPH 98)Allies: DjaeaEnemies: ValeriasArtefact Weapons: Scythe of KhoronusSymbol: A water-clock or hourglassWI25

Ordana (N31) - Protection of Forests, Forest Races

Mother Forest, Thendara, Breig, Tawnia, Ui, Patroness of Sylvan Races, Mother of the Elves (MPH 101)Allies: Calithia, Ilsunda, Mealinden, Zirchev, Ka, Ixion and KorotikuArtefact Weapon: Club of OrdanaSymbol: Oak LeafWI31, HW110

Petra (L17) - Fighting Clerics, Besieged Cities

Warden of Traladara, Patroness of Defenders, Patroness of Besieged Cities (MPH 101)Patron: VanyaAllies: Halav and ZirchevArtefact Armour: Full Plate of PetraArtefact Weapons: War Hammer of PetraSymbol: A circular shield with a round boss in the centre or a potter's wheelWI32, HW111

Protius (N29) - Sea and Oceans

Ahti, Manadyn, Manwara, Nithys, Father Ocean, The Spuming Nooga, Old Man of the Sea, Sovereign of the Oceans and Water, Patron of Sailors, Protector of Marine Fauna (MPH 102)Patron: KhoronusArtefact Weapons: Trident of ProtiusSymbol: The tridentWI33, HW113

Vanya (N23) - War and Conquest

Belbion, Fana, the Grey Lady, the Inquisitor, Matera, Varellya, Patroness of War and Conquerors, Patroness of the Heldannic Knights, Patroness of the Kubitts (MPH 107)Patron: KhoronosEnemies: Halav, Petra and RathanosArtefact Armour: Leather Armour of VanysArtefact Weapons: Longsword of Vanya and Shortsword of VanyaSymbol: A vertical lance with two horizontal short swords, one above the other, crossed over it or a black lion on a white backgroundWI38, HW118

Extra Immortals

Chardastes (N Celestial) - Patron of Medicine and Healing (MPH 92)


Kallala of the Seven Viels (N Celestial)


Liena (L Initiate) - Norwold


Sharpcrest the Squid Slayer (N Celestial)


Taroyas (N Initiate) - Kingship


Vethandi (N Heirarch)


Yav (N Celestial)


Sphere of Entropy (20)

Ranks of Entropy

  • Hierarchs: Hel (36), Thanatos (35), Nyx (33), Atzanteotl (31)
  • Eternals: Loki (30), Masauwu (28), Orcus (25), Talithia (25), Demogorgon (?)
  • Empyreals: Alphaks (20)
  • Celestials: Arik (?), Danel (?), Leptar (?), Ranivorus (?), Saasskas (?)
  • Temporals: Brissard (?), Yagri (?), Yahra (?)
  • Initiate: Idris (?), Jammudaru (?)

Immortals of Entropy

Alphaks (C20) - Destroying Alphatia

Hul Da-Zhi, The Roaring Demon, Patron of Hatred, Lord of Oppression, Bane of Alphatia (MPH 89)Sponsor: ThantosEnemies: Alphatia, Ka, Koryis and RazudArtefact Weapons: Greatsword of Alphaks, Whip of AlphaksSymbol: A skull with horns against a background of fire shaped like a phoenixWI14, HW97

Atzanteotl (C31) - The process of corruption

Ivaldi, Menlil, Skorpios, Patron of Corruption and Treachery (MPH 91)Sponsor: ThanatosEnemies: Ilsundal, Ixion, Ka, Karash, Rafiel, Djaea, HalavArtefact Weapon: Longsword of AtzanteotlSymbol: The silhouette of a feathered serpentWI16, HW98

Hel (N36) - Reincarnation

Erel, Kala, Nyt, Hiisi, Marzanna, Patroness of Reincarnation, Patron of Death, Keeper of the Netherworld, Queen of Ice and Shadow (MPH 96)Enemies: Odin, KaSymbol: A dark stone throne with human skulls on the corners of the back.WI22, HW103

Loki (C30) - Mischief, Betralay

Bozdogan, Farbautides, Lokar, Veles, Patron of Hule, Prince of Lies and Deceit (MPH 99)Patron: ThanatosEnemies: Frey, Freyja, Thor and OdinSymbol: A beautiful drinking-goblet containing a bubbling, boiling, nasty looking liquidWI27, HW109

Masauwu (C28)- Sponsorship of new immortals

Patron: HelArtefact Weapons: Greatsword of Masauwu and Torch of MasauwuSymbol: Looks like the letter "Y", but actually represents a crossroadsWI27

Nyx (N33) - Night, Darkness, Monster Races

Artefact Weapons: Longsword of NyxSymbol: A solar eclipse - darkness coming between the sun and the worldWI29

Orcus (C25) - Mass Destruction

The Goat, Master of the Dead, The Black PrincePatron: ThanatosEnemies: DjaeaArtefact Weapons: Whip of OrcusSymbol: A goat's head with ram's hornsWI31

Talithia (C25) - Self-Gratification at the expense of others

Patron: ThanatosAllies: Masauwu and OrcusArtefact Weapons: Battleaxe of TalithiaSymbol: A crying babyWI36

Thanatos (C35) - The End of All Life

Tha-to, Karr, The Grim Reaper, Old Nick, Father of Demons, Darga, The Eternal One, Patron of Death and Destruction (MPH 105)Artefact Weapon: Scythe of ThanatosSymbol: The scytheWI37, HW116

Extra Immortals

Arik (C Celestial)


Bagni Gullymaw (C Celestial) - Trolls

Patron: MasauwuSymbol: A pair of teeth (canines) dripping with bloodWI39, HI99

Brissard (C Temporal)

Sponsor: TalithiaWI39

Danel Tigerstripes (C Celestial)

Patron of the Tiger Clan (MPH 92)Sponsor: AtzanteotlEnemies: Atruaghin, Ahmanni, Hattani and MahnattiSymbol: Cat's EyeReligions: Atruaghin ClansDomains: Tyranny, WarWI39, G14-19

Demogorgon (C Eternal)


Jammudaru (C Initiate) - Vengeance, Nightmares

Vaprak, Prince of NightmaresSymbol: A huge cauldron bubbling with green and black fluidsWI40, HW104

Leptar (C Celestial)


Ranivorus (C Celestial) - Gnolls, Warfare

YeenoghuSponsor: ThanatosEnemies: Halav and PflarrSymbol: A human head with five snakes emitting from the mouthWI41, HW114

Saasskas the Destroyer (N Celestial) - Undead


Yagrai (N Temporal) - Humanoids in general

He-Who-Always-RisesSymbol: Black skull against a white backgorundWI41, HW118


Idris (Initiate)

Yahra (Temporal)


  • Art - Alphatia (Energy), Garl (Matter), Kagyar (Matter), Polunius (Matter)
  • Beauty - Freyja (Thought)
  • Betrayal - Loki (Entropy)
  • Conquerors - Vanya (Time)
  • Corruption - Atzanteotl (Entropy)
  • Courage - Duilanna (Thought)
  • Craftsmen: Garl (Matter), Kagyar (Matter), The Twelve Watches (Matter), Wayland (Matter)
  • Darkness - Nyx (Entropy)
  • Death - Hel (Entropy), Thanatos (Entropy)
  • Destruction - Thanatos (Entropy)
  • Fair Rulership - Odin (Thought)
  • Family - Freyja (Thought)
  • Fertility - Frey (Thought), Freyja (Thought), Terra (Matter)
  • Forests - Ordana (Time)
  • Friendship - Frey (Thought)
  • Games - Nourmena (Thought)
  • Good - Atruaghin (Matter)
  • Hatred - Alphaks (Entropy)
  • Healing - Chardastes (Time), Usamigaras (Energy)
  • Hedonism - Faunus (Matter) - Beer Domain
  • History - Khoronus (Time)
  • Hope - Minroth (Energy)
  • Hunting - Duilanna (Thought), Zirchev (Energy)
  • Invention - Garl (Matter)
  • Jokes -Cretia (Thought)
  • Justice - Forsetta (Matter), Gorm (Energy), Tarastia (Energy)
  • Law - Forsetta (Matter)
  • Life - Terra (Matter)
  • Love - Freyja (Thought)
  • Luck - Tyche (Thought)
  • Magic - Marwdyn (Energy), Palartarkan (Energy), Pflarr (Energy), Rad (Energy), Ssu-Ma (Thought)
  • Medicine - Chardastes (Time)
  • Merchants - Asterius (Thought)
  • Mischief - Eiryndul (Energy), Korotiku (Thought), Loki (Entropy)
  • Mysteries - Nourmena (Thought)
  • Night - Nyx (Entropy)
  • Nightmares - Jammudaru (Entropy)
  • Nobility - Odin (Thought)
  • Oceans - Calithia (Time), Protius (Time)
  • Pacifism - Alphatia (Energy)
  • Passion - Valerias (Matter)
  • Peace: Koryis (Thought)
  • Philosophy - Khoronus (Time)
  • Prosperity: Koryis (Thought), Minroth (Energy)
  • Puzzles - Nourmena (Thought)
  • Reincarnation - Hel (Entropy)
  • Revenge - Tarastia (Energy)
  • Romance - Valerias (Matter)
  • Science - Rafiel (Energy)
  • Storms - Gorm (Energy)
  • Tactics - Nourmena (Thought)
  • Thieves - Asterius (Thought)
  • Thinking - Korotiku (Thought)
  • Trade - Asterius (Thought)
  • Treachery - Atzanteotl (Entropy)
  • Vengeance - Jammudaru (Entropy)
  • Warfare - Bartziluth (Energy), Bemaris (Energy), Cretia (Thought), Frey (Thought), Freyja (Thought), Gorm (Energy), Halav (Thought), Ranivourus (Entropy), Vanya (Time)
  • Warriors - Madarua (Energy), Thor (Energy)
  • Weaponsmith - Halav (Thought)
  • Will - Diulanna (Thought)
  • Wisdom - Atruaghin (Matter)


Known World

  • Alphatia - Alphaks (Entropy), Alphatia (Energy), Eiryndul (Energy), Koryis (Thought), Palartarkan (Energy), Razud (Energy)
  • Atruaghin Clans - Ahmanni (Thought), Atruaghin (Matter), Daniel (Entropy), Hattani (Matter), Mahmatti (Energy), Tahkati (Energy)
  • Dragons - Diamond (Matter), The Great One (Matter), Opal (Matter), Pearl (Matter)
  • Dwarves: Kagyar (Matter)
  • Elves: Eiryndul (Energy), Ilsundal (Energy), Mealiden (Energy), Ordana (Time)
  • Ethengar: Cretia (Thought), Ixion as Tubak (Energy), Terra as Yamuga (Matter)
  • Glantri - Rad (Energy)
  • Gnomes - Garl (Matter)
  • Hule - Loki as Bozdogan (Entropy)
  • Monstrous Races - Nyx (Entropy), Yagrai (Entropy)
    • Bugbears - Bartziluth (Energy)
    • Forest Races: Chiron (Matter), Eiryndul (Energy), Faunus (Matter), Ordana (Time), Zirchev (Energy)
    • Giants: Gorrziok (Matter)
    • Goblins - Wogar (Matter)
    • Kobolds - The Shining One (Energy)
    • Lizardfolk: Ka (Matter)
    • Orcs - Karaash (Thought)
    • Shark-kin - Crakkak (Matter)
    • Trolls - Bagni (Entropy)
    • Undead - Marwdyn (Energy), Orcus (Entropy), Saasskas (Entropy)
  • The Northern Reaches - Forsetta (Matter), Frey (Thought), Freyja (Thought), Hel (Entropy), Loki (Entropy), Odin (Thought), Thor (Energy)
  • The Ocean Path (Minrothad) - Calithia (Time), Minroth (Energy)
  • Olympus - Bemarris as Ares (Energy), Lokena as Athena (Matter), Palson as Apollo (Thought), Patura as Hera (Energy), Taroyas as Zeus (Time)
  • Shadow Elves: Atzanteotl (Entropy), Rafiel (Energy)
  • Thyatian: Korotiku (Thought), Loki as Farbautides (Entropy)
  • Traladara: Chardastes (Time), Halav (Thought), Petra (Time), Zirchev (Energy)
  • Ylaruam - Al-Kalim (Time)


  • Antillians - Loki as Lokar (Entropy)
  • "New Way" Azcans - Atruaghin (Matter), Ixion (Energy)
  • Milenian - Halav (Thought)
  • Neathar - Loki as Lokar (Entropy)
  • Nithian - Pflarr (Energy), Rathanos (Energy)
  • Norwold - Liena (Time)
  • Oltecs - Ixion (Energy)
  • Traldar - Halav (Thought)
G14-# - Gazetteer 14 - The Atruaghin ClansHW# - Hollow WorldWI# - Wrath of the Immortals