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Government Types

Autocracy: A single individual chosen by the people rules the community. This leader’s actual title can vary—mayor, burgomaster, lord, or even royal titles like duke or prince are common.

No modifiers)

Council: A group of councillors, often composed of guild masters or members of the aristocracy, leads the settlement.

Society +2; Law and Lore –1

Magical: An individual or group with potent magical power, such as a high priest, an archwizard, or even a magical monster, leads the community.

Lore +1; Corruption and Society –1; increase spellcasting by 1 level

Oligarchy (f434) The settlement is ruled by small, powerful minority; their power may derive from wealth, divine authority, heredity, or some other factor, or some combination of factors.

Corruption +2, Crime -2, Economy +1, Law +1, Society -3, treat settlement as one size lager for base value, purchase limit, and available magic items.

Overlord: The community’s ruler is a single individual who either seized control or inherited command of the settlement.

Corruption and Law +1; Crime and Society –1

Secret Syndicate: An unofficial or illegal group like a thieves’ guild rules the settlement—they may use a puppet leader to maintain secrecy, but the group members pull the strings in town.

Corruption, Productivity, and Crime +1; Law –3
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