Humans in Mystara

This section only available to players willing to provide a annotated character stat block of each level

Standard Human:

  • Neathar
  • Thyatian

Variant Human:

  • Atruaghin
  • Ethengarian
  • Traladaran

House Rules for Humans

Child - A humans is a child till the age of 12.

Young Adult - A human can begin adventuring from the age of 13 to 19.

Adulthood - From the age of 20 an human is considered to be an adult.

Life expectancy: A human is expected to live to about 100 years of age.



Xanthar's Guide to Everything p75

You have a knack for learning new things. You gain the following benefits:

  • You gain one skill proficiency of your choice, one tool proficiency of your choice, and fluency in one language of your choice.
  • Choose one skill in which you have proficiency. You gain expertise with that skill, which means your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make with it. The skill you choose must be one that isn't already benefiting from a feature, such as Expertise, that doubles your proficiency bonus.

Humans - Available Race and Variants

(Players Guide p29)


(Players Handbook p31)

Location Mystara: Darokin, Glantri, Ierendi, Karameikos, Thyatis, Ylaruam

Location Hollow World: Neathar

Height - men average 5'11", woman 5'5"Complexion - pale but tend to tan in the sun.Colouration - Hair ranges from dark blonde to dark brown, with occasional red heads, eye colour ranges from blues to browns and blacks.

Human Clans

  • Neathar (Neathar) Found mainly in the Hollow World. Stone age humans.
  • Thyatians (Darokin, Glantri, Ierendi, Karameikos, Thyatis, Ylaruam) Thyatians tend to be fairly tall for humans. The classic look is they have angular features and talk with a crisp english accent, and have a tendency to look down on anyone not using their accent. They have centuries of interbreeding between nationalities and so there is not one Thyatian look and can be seen as the default human. These people can be found in Karameikos.

Character Options Available:

Available: - Path of the Beserker (Thyatian)Available - College of Sword (Thyatian)Available- Circle of the Land (Thyatian)Available- Cavalier (Thyatian)- Weapons Master (Thyatian)By Negotiation- Griffon Knight (Thyatian)By Negotiation:- Way of the Sun Soul (Thyatian)
Available- Oath of Devotion (Thyatian)Available- Explorer (Thyatian)- Monster Slayer (Thyatian)Available:- Scout (Neathar)- Swashbuckler IThyatian)- Thief (Thyatian)NPCs Only- Serophage (Thyatian)Available- School of Evocation (Thyatian)NPCs Only- School of Blood Magic (Thyatian)


(Players Handbook p31)

Location: Atruaghin (Atruaghin), Darokin (Traladaran), Ethengar (Ethengarian), Glantri (Traladaran), Karameikos (Traladaran)

Human Variant Clans

  • Atruaghin (Atruaghin) These people can be found in the Atruaghin clans. Height - men average 6', women 5'6". Complexion - Bronze skinned. Colouration - Dark Hair, browns and blacks, dark eyes, mostly brown.
  • Ethengarian (Ethengar) These people can be found in the ethenger clans. Height - men average 5'2", women 4'9". Complexion - Olived skinned. Colouration - Dark Hair, browns and blacks, dark eyes, mostly brown.
  • Traladarans (Darokin, Glantri, Karameikos) Traladarans tend to be fairly small and of light build. They have rounded features and their accent tends to sound like they are from eastern Europe. These people can be found in Karameikos. Height - men average 5'9", women 5'3". Complexion - pale complexions and tend to burn in the sun. Colouration - Brown eyes, Dark Hair (deep brown to black).

Character Options

Available: - Star and Shadow Reader (Traladaran)Available - Path of the Totem Warrior (Atruaghin, Ethengarian, Traladaran)By Negotiation:- Path of the Ancestral Guardian (Traladaran)- Path of the Totem Warrior - Champion (Atruaghin, Ethengarian, Traladaran)Available:- College of Valor (Atruaghin, Ethengarian)NPC's Only:- College of the Jester (Ethengarian)Available:- Circle of the Land (Atruaghin, Ethengarian)- Circle of the Moon (Traladaran)By Negotiation:- Circle of the Shepherd (Atruaghin, Ethengarian)- Circle of the Stones (Atruaghin, Ethengarian)Available:- Battle Master (Ethengarian)- Cavalier (Atruaghin, Ethengarian)- Champion (Atruaghin)- Weapons Master (Atruaghin, Ethengarian, Traladaran)By Negotiation- Sword Dancer (Ethengarian)NPCs Only- Ghost Knight (Traladaran)Available- Way of the Kensai (Ethengarian)
Available- Oath of Mercy (Ethengarian)- Oath of Vengeance (Traladaran)By Negotiation- Oath of the Eagle (Atruaghin)- Oath of the Radiance (Ethengarian)NPCs Only- Oath of the Giving Grave (Traladaran)Available- Beast Master (Atruaghin, Traladaran)- Hunter (Ethengarian, Traladaran)By Negotiation- Vampire Slayer (Traladaran)NPCs Only- Hidden Guardian (Atruaghin)Available- Scout (Atruaghin, Ethengarian, Traladaran)NPCs Only- Mastermind (Ethengarian)Available- Draconic Bloodline (Atruaghin, Traladaran)NPCs Only- Lycanthropic Bloodline (Atruaghin, Ethengarian, Traladaran)NPCs Only- Pact of the Undying (Traladaran)Available- School of Divination (Traladaran)- School of Necromancy (Traladaran)NPC Only- School of Illumination (Traladaran) - (Gain access to the Illumination spells by Agreement)

Humans - Variants by Negotiation

This option is only available via negotiation with the GM, only 1 negotiation point available for any character.

Kariv Wanderer

(Midgard Heroes Handbook p22)