Gnomes in Mystara

This section only available to players willing to provide a annotated character stat block of each level

House Rules for Gnomes

Child - A gnome is a child till the age of 17.

Young Adult - A gnome can begin adventuring from the age of 18 to 29.

Adulthood - From the age of 30 a gnome is considered to be an adult.

Life expectancy: A gnome is expected to live to about 500 years of age.

Gnomes - Race and Variants By Negotiation

(Players Handbook p35, Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes p106)

This option is only available via negotiation with the GM, only 1 negotiation point available for any character.

Forest Gnomes

(Players Handbook p37)

Homeland: Alfheim, Five Shires

Fade Away

Xanthar's Guide to Everything p74

Your people are clever, with a knack for illusion magic. You have learned a magical trick for fading away when you suffer harm. You gain the following benefits:

  • Increase your Dexterity or Intelligence score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • Immediately after you take damage, you can use a reaction to magically become invisible until the end of your next turn or until you attack, deal damage, or force someone to make a saving throw. Once you use this ability, you can't do so again until you finish a short or long rest.

Nieheim Gnomes

(Midgard Heroes Handbook p21)

Homeland: Ierendi


(Players Handbook p37)

Homeland: Ierendi, Karameikos (Highforge), Rockhome

Height - men average 3'4", women 3'.Complexion - dark complexions with an undertone of red and orangeColouration - Strong colour hair (Red, Orange, Yellow) and gold, silver and copper eyes

Rock Gnome Clans

  • Highforge (Karameikos) - Stocky Gnomes who work the mines of Highforge in Karameikos.

Gnomes - Variants Not Available

This option is not available to players.

Deep Gnomes (Svirfneblin)

(Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide p115, Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes p113)

Homeland: tba

Sky Gnomes

(GM created)

Homeland: Floating City, Ierendi

These gnomes have adapted to using clockwork technology and have access to the following.

  • Bard - (Access to the Clockwork Spells by Negotiation)
  • Cleric - Clockwork Domain (Access to the Clockwork Spells by Negotiation)
  • Paladin - (Access to the Clockwork Spells by Negotiation)
  • Sorcerer - (Access to the Clockwork Spells by Negotiation)


  • NPCs Only - The Great Machine (Access to the Clockwork Spells by Negotiation)


  • NPCs Only - School of Clockwork (Access to the Clockwork Spells by Negotiation)