Relics found in Mystara

This section only available to players willing to provide a annotated character stat block of each level

Each sacred item gives a domination power to its Keeper. It also continually radiates an aura, which has a "turn undead" effect. The Relic may, at unpredictable times, manifest the following powers:

  • Cure Blindess/deafness
  • Cure disease
  • neutralise poison
  • heal
  • identify magical items

Domination: The Keeper of a Relic enjoys great prestige among the clan; the power of life and death are literally in the Keeper's hands. Thus, the Keeper is held in awe by the entire clan.

The Keeper can give orders, and the clan members will obey them. The only clan member immune to this effect is the Clanmaster, the leader of the entire clan, who respects the Keeper's power but is not affected by it, recognising it as a service and a tool for the clan's survival.

The Keeper never abuses this power, it is always used for the best interests of the clan, not the Keeper. The Clanmaster is often consulted about important situations and orders, and kept advised of the power stored in the Relic.

If the rare situation occurs where the Keeper gives an order to a Clan Member and the Clanmaster counters it, the recipient of the order is confused until the situation is resolved, unless they make a wisdom save of 20 plus power level of Relic.

Turn Undead: Undead will no approach within 8 mile of the Relic. (i.e. the hex the relic is in)

Powers: The power for each of these effects comes directly from the Relic. The power level is diminished when the Keeper uses the Relics powers.

With each use of the of a power, the radius of the turn undead effect is reduced. When it reaches 0 (or less than the power required) then those powers no longer work. 1 miles equals 5280 feet. A furlong is equal to 660 feet with 8 furlongs in a mile. The power refreshes at 60 feet per day.

Cure blindness, cure disease and Heal all use 1 furlong of power per spell level invoked with a caster level of 2 per mile of the power level in the relic.

Identification of magical items uses up 1 mile of the power level, and fully identifies all items of less than artifact quality, and provides insight into artefacts.

Power returns at a rate of 60 feet per day, 10 days returns a furlong, 80 days returns a mile, and 640 days restores full power if it is ever completely empty.

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