Artifacts found in Mystara

This section only available to players willing to provide a annotated character stat block of each level


An'ducyr, Treasure of the Khan

(Midguard Worldbook p412)

Weapon (longbow), Artefact

The Fail of Rontra

(The Book of the Righteous p211)

Weapon (flail), Artefact

Wondrous Item

Aeromancer's Heart

(Forest Kingdoms Campaign Compendium p38)

Fractured Phylactery

(Forest Kingdoms Campaign Compendium p39)

Karrak's Blessing

(Deep Magic #9 - Ring Magic)

Mask of Bachraeus

(Rules Cyclopedia p146)

Spark of Kjord

(Midguard Worldbook p412)

The Ark of Magic

(The Book of the Righteous p210)