Calandar of Mystara

Official Thyatian Calandar for Mystara

Every Month:

1 - New Moon5 - Quarter Moon Waxing8 - Half Moon12 - Three Quarter Moon Waxing15 - Full Moon19 - Three Quarter Moon Waning22 - Half Moon26 - Quarter Moon Waning

Days of the Week


Special Events:

(!) Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction(e) Eclipse - 15% chance for 1d6 minutes(?) New Star - 5% chance for one night of an unusual star, or 3% chance permanent(-) Missing Star - 10% chance of well known star disappearing(x) Stellar Cataclysm - 3% chance of no magic

Newmont - 1

(28 days) - Winter1 - Darokin - New Years Day - All businesses are supposed to be closed on this holiday, and most traders are more than willing to comply, given the hectic activity of the past few weeks - Glantri Fourth Tax Day - Citizens of Glantri City bring their quarterly taxes to the House of Ministers before midnight. In the principalities and Free Territories, people bring their gold to the local Constabulary. Tax evaders will be identified within the next three months and hunted down by the constables. For richer citizens, magic may be used to determine if they are making appropriate tax payments. - Minrothad (Onmun) - Begining of the year. - Thyatian Culture - New Years Day - The start of the New Year. This calls for celebrations: Most businesses close, there are parades in the streets and other winter festival activities, especially in Specularum. The year (AC 1000) 1 Nuwmont is the Millenium Celebration of the crowning of the Emperor of Thyatis, so the affair will be larger and louder than ever. Celebrated in Thyatian based cultures. This day also commemorates the Crowning of Emperor Zendrolion I, though the actual crowning of the first emperor took place much later in the year.2 - (?) - New Star - 5% chance for one night of an unusual star, or 3% chance permanent7 - (!) - Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction8 - Glantri - Necromantia - This is a national holiday in Klantyre, originally implemented by the Prince of Klantyre in honor of heroes who died upon the field of honor. The people go to the graves of their ancestors to pay homage and to clean weeds and dirt from the burial sites. Adventurers may start a quest to give a decent burial to lost relatives. On the night that follows this event, ghosts and spirits are rumored to visit their descendants. If proper respect was shown, then nothing is to be feared; but some disrespectful families have been found dead the next morning, with expressions of utter fear on their faces. Although there has been no proof of supernatural visitation, the cases remain strange, even in a land plagued by the undead. The people of Glantri City and Boldavia also follow this custom. 15 - Glantri - Winter Solstice - The Brotherhood of the Radiance must make contact at midnight. The middle of winter. - Minrothad - Midwinter Festival - A week of celebrations.16 - Five Shires (Odelin) - The First Flowering - Seeds gathered in early autumn are readied for planting or planted (weather permitting). Hin use all the magic and gardening craft at their command to coax some of the plants nurtured indoors throughout the winter into bloom.22 - Glantri - Annual Glantrian Ice Games - Once the canals are frozen, the younger population feverishly prepares for this festival. The best skaters of the country come to the capital to participate to the national ice races occurring on the frozen city canals. All sorts of races are organized, including simple races on foot (with or without ice skates), and on sleds pulled by various creatures or by magic. The winner is offered a golden trophy. After the races, at night, balls take place on the ice, under multicolored Ethengarian lanterns. On the following day, other games are organized—such as ice jousting and snowball battles.24 - (e) - Eclipse - 15% chance for 1d6 minutes

Vatermont - 2

(28 days) - Winter1 - Ethengar (Hiskmai) - Start of Week long winter festival. This is the week of winter festivities, a break in the hard monotony of winter life and weather. During this time all clans contribute to the tribal festival, organizing competitions and games and providing food, beer, spirits, and music. Friendly rivalry encourages extravagance of costume, feats of daring and skill, and more than a few impromptu drinking competitions. For those tribes wintering near water sites, ice sports are popular, with prizes offered by the Khan for the most successful or flamboyant competitors. Games and competitions may involve other tribes; in these cases one tribe acts as host, providing food and accommodation for the visitors. Such an occasion offers the potential for increasing the standing and status of a tribe by providing elaborate and plentiful accommodation to the visitors. The Golden Khan holds an open court at Bargha, with invitations extended to all Ethengars. While the festival at Court is a lavish affair, business and political dealings are more obvious here than in local tribal celebrations. For shamans, this week is an important time to court and placate the spirits of life and fire. Shamans must ensure these spirits are not neglected during the cold winter months, as failure to encourage life and fire back into the tribe would be disastrous for the year to come. - Karameikos - Tax day for last three months - The Duke's and local tax collectors collect taxes for Svifrmont through Kaldmont of the previous year.4 - (?) - New Star - 5% chance for one night of an unusual star, or 3% chance permanent7 - Ethengar (Hiskmai) - The Day of the Golden Khan - All celebrations reach a climax on this day. It commemorates the success of Moglai Khan in uniting the Ethengars. Bonfires are built, the fattest animals are roasted, and the spirits of past Khans are invited to join the feast in honor of the Golden Khan. At Bargha, envoys present gifts to the Golden Khan, favors are sought, and new deals are sealed. 8 - Minrothad (Tomun) - Feast of the Silver Purge - Celebrates when the vampires and lycanthropes were thought to have been purged from Minrothad. People celebrate by telling scary stories and having a big feast to thank their deities for sparing them the evils of lycanthropy and vamprism. it also gives people a chance to use up winter provisions and foodstuffs that have been saved for this special occasion. There was a second outbreak of lycanthropy in 280 VR, since that time, these celebrations have been hald exclusively indoors with one's immediate family. 15 - Glantri - Boldavian Procession - This is the national holiday in Boldavia. Although it is an illegal celebration there (Prince Morphail does not approve of it), the local people nevertheless perform the procession. During the night, they go about the streets, carrying torches, waving strange f symbols and censers, hanging festoons of garlic on doors, windows, and street intersections. In the middle of the night, they burn coffins in the main plaza, sing, dance and stay awake together until daybreak. In Boldavia, the constables often intervene to keep the peace, but they do avoid excessive brutality to prevent riots (drunken, angry mobs of Boldavians are known to march down to unpopular noble's mansions and put them to the torch). Because of the large number of Boldavians in Glantri City, the Magistrates declared the Boldavian Procession a legal holiday in the Free Territories and at the capital, infuriating the nobles at the Tower of Igorov. Outside Boldavia, though, this celebration is always peaceful.20 - (!) - Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction21 - (?) - New Star - 5% chance for one night of an unusual star, or 3% chance permanent22 - Thyatian Culture - Though particular daring sailors will have continued sailing through the winter, on one particular day in late Vatermont the port authorities of Thyatis City, in association with the Temple of Protius, announce that the Shipping Season has Begun. Merchants in great profusion set sail for distant ports. traditionally, this is a day to celebrate by making toasts of luck to the sailors.23 - Darokin - Chancellor's Day - Celebrating the bdday of the first Chancellor of Darokin, Charles Mauntea. This is a holiday for many workers, but most businesses remain open27 - Glantri - Alexander Day - This is the official main holiday for the whole nation, when the people of Glantri pay homage to the late Lord Alexander Glantri, founder of the Parliament. All the people throughout the nation are to stop working at noon and spend one hour in total silence. Making noise during this hour of respect is a felony. The holiday has an even greater meaning in Glantri City. The people crowd Alexander Platz and its waterways when the sun is about to disappear behind the hills. They quietly watch the City Belfry, Lord Glantri's mausoleum, hoping to see an omen. If any ill luck is to plague the nation in the coming year, the people see a sign: an eerie color in the sky, a frightening rumble in the ground, a mysterious silhouette that resembles Lord Glantri pacing at the top of the belfry. If, instead, future prospects are good, the tower glows slightly and a melodious voice softly sings a song of peace. The mausoleum radiates magic then and no one dares enter it. So far the phenomenon remains unexplained. 28 - Glantri - Bells of Fate - Last day of the Glantrian year. At midnight, all the villages, towns and the capital ring their bells. At the same moment, a heavenly portent is seen; it is especially visible from Glantri City if the sky is clear. (Should there be clouds, wizards make sure the sky is clear on time.) This portent is a shower of shooting stars. On occasion, one of these stars will fall from the sky and land somewhere in Glantri. These celestial objects are supposed to bring bad luck, so people frantically ring their bells to scare the evil spirits away. (This explains why all respectable houses or farms have at least one small bell or gong.) Should a mage see one of these objects fall to the ground, he will immediately order a few brave men to find it and bring it back to his tower. There is no way to predict what may be found on the site; sometimes there is nothing, but at other times strange mushrooms and fungi, diseases, deadly creatures, or fabulous gems may be found. Wizards, naturally, want these objects from the skies.

Thaumont - 3

(28 days) - Spring1 - Alphatian Culture (Alphamir) - New Year - Art demonstrations, parades, celebrations. - Darokin - Income Tax - Income taxes are due on the previous year’s income. It is also the first day of spring. - Glantri - Good Sprite Day - the national holiday for the elves of Erewan. They celebrate the first day of spring starting at sunrise. Music, dance and banquets last until late at night. The sprites and other woodland spirits are thought to awake from their winter slumber. In their honor, die elves perpetrate pranks and practical jokes, their way of getting ahead of the wee folks. Other races are often their victims. Regrettable excesses occur when the E.L.F. settles an account with some long-time foe, disguising the crime as a (bad) joke. - Karameikos - Gnome Caravan sets out for Specularum from Highforge. The shipping season starts in Karameikos - Rockhome (Hralin) - This is the dwarvish New Year and is celebrated by much feasting and swilling, trade shows in the open air where the dwarves show what they’ve been working on throughout the cold winter, singing, dancing, and wicked hangovers. - Thyatian Culture - Officially, the first day of Spring. Around this date, earlier or later as weather permits, spring planting begins.7 - Alphatian Culture (Alphamir) - Landfall Day - This is the actual, historical day when the Alphatian survivors made Landfall, it is solemn, celebrated with feasts, and ending the week of new years celebration.11 - Karameikos - Gnome Caravan arrives in Specularum14 - (!) - Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction15 - Alphatian Culture (Alphamir) - Opening Day - The schools and universities which follow the nine-month a year education plan of the empure now open their doors to students. - Ethengar (Yalmai) - The White Horse Ceremony - This day is of the utmost importance to the Ethengars, for its success is vital to tribal fortunes for the coming year. It is a day when the presence of the whole tribe is required and the skills of their shamans are tested to the limit. The shamans, with help from their spirit guides, must choose a white horse to be sacrificed. The horse to be sacrificed must be great in stature, a proven leader of other horses, and experienced in the ways of the Sea of Grass. Once the spirit of the chosen horse has been guided to the Spirit World by the shamans, the tribe is assured success in the breeding and training of its horse stock, upon which Ethengar existence depends. The horse spirit watches over the tribal herds for 12 months, after which it is free to roam the Spirit World. - Glantri - Spring Break - The students from the Great School of Magic go about the canals and rivers, blowing up the ice. This is a chance for the students to display new knowledge and show off spectacular magic. No traffic is allowed that day until the canals are safe. Although the nominal date of this event is the 6th of Nuwmont, the date may be changed according to how late or early the seasons are. The point of Spring Break is to get rid of the unsafe fragile ice crust and allow normal gondola traffic. But some of the more rowdy students cause mischief in the city, taking this opportunity to get even with the monotonous life at school - Karameikos - Gnome caravan heads home - Rockhome (Hralin) - Traditionally, the first dwarven caravans (wagons pulled by oxen and donkeys) leaving Rockhome for the human realms depart at this time.25 - (e) - Eclipse - 15% chance for 1d6 minutes

Flaurmont - 4

(28 days) - Spring1 - Ethengar (Haimai) - Day of Renewal of the Wold Yurt - The tribal shamans welcome the returning plant spirits. Clerics of Yamuga celebrate the renewal of the World Yurt. - Glantri First Tax Day - Citizens of Glantri City bring their quarterly taxes to the House of Ministers before midnight. In the principalities and Free Territories, people bring their gold to the local Constabulary. Tax evaders will be identified within the next three months and hunted down by the constables. For richer citizens, magic may be used to determine if they are making appropriate tax payments.4 - Minrothad (Firmum) - Merchant Prince Day - Warm weather returns as the rains come in force. Electrical storms are quire common. This is a day for people to revel in the marvels of Minrothad magic. it is always held ourside and usually in the rain. Even with electrical storms the celebrations go on for the chance to see merchant-princes control the lightning, forming it into dazzling fireworks displays. A custom among the people at this time is to wear a favorite older suit of clothes, get it soaking wet, then throw it away in the street the next morning before the sun rises. Roads are strewn with brightly coloured garments when the sun comes up and the children love to go outside and collect them, for the revelers have left little treats and gifts in them for the boys and girls. the children are allowed to keep the costumes to play "grown up" in, until the following year's merchant prince day when they will be thrown away for good.7 - Rockhome (Hwyrlin) - Arrangements. This is the traditional date for the begin- ning of the year‘s negotiations for mar- riages. AU over Rockhome, dwarves who’ve just reached Adult smtus begn the fearful work of asking one another for the privilege of matrimony. Humans visiting Rockhome should be aware that these youthful dwarves tend M be under stress, jumpy, and irrieable during this two-week period. (Matrimonial arrange- menu are not limited OD this time, but as this is the traditional dare, more of them are negotiated at this time than any other.)13 - Alphatian Culture (Sulamir) - Empress Eriadna's Birthday - It is customary for everyone of gentry level or higher to send a present to the empress, or at lest to donate a coin to a beggar or less privileged soul in her name.15 - Ethengar (Haimai) - The Day of Blessings - Tribal Khans announce the division of stocks, herds, and wealth. Each clan has its own allocation (depending on last year's success or failure). Careful records are kept of exactly what each clan is given. As each clan receives its share from the Khan, blessings are given along with a reminder that all ultimately belongs to the Khan. After the parceling out of the tribe's wealth, a great festival begins to celebrate spring's arrival and the thaw it brings. Much kurmiss is consumed and the Ethengars often dance until dawn. - Glantri - Spring Equinox - Signifies the middle of spring. Some bad weather can be expected that day (high winds, late snow storms or hail). The Brotherhood of the Radiance must make contact at midnight.16 - Ethengar (Haimai) - The Day of Partings - The tribes leave their winter sites and the clans split off in different directions to seek grazing for the herds. This day is often rather subdued, as friends made over winter move away. The effects of the quantities of kurmiss consumed during the previous night also tend to dampen the atmosphere. The Golden Khan's Court moves to its spring site at Xantha.19 - Minrothad (Birmun) - Minrothad Day - Is a special holiday celebrating the founding of the city and guilds of Minrothad. A day of great pride among the populace. Huge picnics are held for the population at the expense of the government. Every official of every guild of any importance at all makes a speech on this day. It is also the day elections are held and promotions made to the senior ranks of the guilds. Political appointments by members of the sixth caste are officially made on this day and any new guild members are inducted with ceremony. Minrothad Day is celebrated both day and night by ship parades. During the day, fishing boats and barges are decorated with flowers, paintings, and other decorations to represent scenes from minrothad's past. At night, ocean-going ships are hung with lanterns or set magically alight. Then they sail along the beaches and waterfronts of the cities so everyone can ooh and aah to their heart's delight.21 - Darokin - Masked Ball - Held in the Merchant's Guild Hall in Darokin. This is the biggest and best of the masked balls and the social high point of the country.22 - Glantri - Monster Fair - This is the national celebration day for Caurenze. Its prince organizes games at Circus Lizzieni, with many monster fights and races. The criminal offenders, barbarian raiders, and slaves are sometimes executed there. Heroes may (willingly or not) enter the arena and prove their bravery, earning great rewards and fame. In Glantri City, people organize a monster parade (largely sponsored by the Monster Handlers' Syndicate). Later during the afternoon, the beasts are rounded up on the open market place and sold to customers. The better-tamed creatures perform spectacular shows to attract visitors. Accidents are likely to occur. - Thyatian Culture - Birthday of Emperor Thincol I. The Emperor sponsors a day of Coliseum games, which are usually very flashy and memorable; there are parades in the streets; members of the Emperor’s family throw gold pieces to the poorest of the peasants; very little work gets done. 25 - (!) - Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction - (?) - New Star - 5% chance for one night of an unusual star, or 3% chance permanent

Yarthmont - 5

(28 days) - Spring1 - Karameikos - Tax day for the last three months14 - (e) - Eclipse - 15% chance for 1d6 minutes15 - Alphatian Culture (Sudmir) - Howling Day - This is a day of the full moon, and it is a celebration of no restraint - Alphatians everywhere (except slaves, but including servants) are expected to neglect their work and their studies, run amok, have fun, and howl at the moon (in both a literal and figurative sense). It is a day of high romance in the Empire. - Ethengar (Kevamai) - Day of Birth Blessings - Shamanistic ritual calling on the spirit of the white horse to watch over the forthcoming birth of foals. Although a largely shamanistic day, offerings are also made to Yamuga. Those clans without a shaman encourage the presence of the White Horse with offerings of clean water and an area of good grazing. 21 - Rockhome (Styrlin) - This is the date of what is called the Clerics’ Forum, a grand conclave of dwarf-derics from all over Rockhome who meet in Lower Dengar for seven days to discus the state of clerical philosophy and practice among the dwarves. The 2Isr of every month is the date for he lesser CIerics’ Forums which take place in every com- munity 22 - Five Shires (Mithintle) - The Unsheathing - On this day, hundreds of years past, the halfling holdings in Ierendi were seized by the Empire of Thyatis. In remembrance of this event, no hin will trade with any Thyatian on this day in The Five Shires. All hin go about armed, and drink, and sing piratical songs. A new ship is always launched in Tothmeer on this day though it need not be, and usually is not, a pirate ship. Contests and trials of arms are held, and first-blood duels are fought to settle feuds and disputes. Old hin tell tales of glories and battles past and old armor is polished bright and worn proudly. It is not a good day to launch any sort of attack upon The Five Shires. - Glantri - Arcanium - This is the annual wizards' fair, a convention lasting night and day until the end of the month. All interested magic-users come to Glantri City and share some of their most treasured secrets for gold or more knowledge. Others organize crowded seminars where the wizards' philosophies and point of views are discussed in a rather informal and openended manner. Many of the activities are sponsored by the Prince of Blackhill, the Great School of Magic and the Game Lizards. All the city's inns are booked solid and have many bizarre visitors. Buildings with large main rooms are rented by the wishing to meet and conduct their trade. Business is done within closed booths, behind curtains, to aid in secrecy. Meanwhile, in the crowded rows, peddlers walk about selling trinkets, spell components, blanks scrolls and tomes. In open booths, poorer mages resort to selling common, low-level spells for a few gold ducats, loudly boasting of the qualities of one spell or another; this is a blessing for apprentices with gold to spend. Charlatans are also very common here. Shady individuals also come to Glantri City, snooping around and hoping to steal some new ideas. Once satisfied, these fellows disappear as quickly as they showed up, which has earned them the nickname of the "Mayflies" among the true and respectable wizards.27 - (!) - Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction

Klarmont - 6

(28 days) - Summer1 - Ethengar (Seimai) - The Court of the Golden Khan moves toward ChagonNah.3 - Glantri - Parliament Day - This holiday is the a creation of the Glantrian bureaucracy to get an extra day off from work. Nothing special happens this day, except that the House of Ministers and the Parliament are closed to business. Servants usually spend this day cleaning the building while everybody, is out.7 - Rockhome (Bahrlin) - Weddings. As humans have their “Klarmont Brides,” dwarves, too, arrange for many of their marriages to take place in the month of Bahrlin. This is therefore a month of heavy, heavy celebration in dwarven communities.15 - Ethengar (Seimai) - Golden Khan at Chagon-Nah - The Court of the Golden Khan is now fully established at Chagon-Nah, where summer military tournaments are held to display the power and strength of the Golden Khan. Throughout the summer competitions of all types are held. - Five Shires (Goldaun) - Highsummer - A week of feasting, betrothals, costumed dramas and "balladsing" nights. The Dragging (see below) is performed. Work and trade continues during this week, but in a very relaxed (humans would probably say lackadaisical or lazy) manner. Casks of aged wine are opened in taverns across the Shires, and old cheese is brought out to clan tables. - Minrothad (Sebmun) - All's Reckless Day - Tax Assessment Day, ends with celebrations and drinking contests.Animal costumes and weird masks are worn that night as they celebrate until sunrise. The most likely day of the year for children to be conceived. - Thyatian Culture (week long) - Kcrendan Days of the Hoof. Now, toward the beginning of summer, Kerendas hosts its great horseman’s event, which includes races, obstacle courses, jousts, demonstrations, breeders’ shows, etc. 16 - (?) - New Star - 5% chance for one night of an unusual star, or 3% chance permanent - Rockhome (Buhrlin) - This is the anniversary of the legendary Battle of Sardal Pass, and is also high summer. The dwarves celebrate with military games and demonstration. - Minrothad (Sebmun) - Quite Day - For this day, making lots of noise brings a fine of 100 gp for disturbing the peace.22 - Glantri - Army Parade - The garrisons in each principality and in Glantri City organize military parades. The original idea for this festival comes from the Prince of Aalban, who normally leads the parade in Glantri City. This often turns out to be a show of force to intimidate the population and make sure they understand just who is in charge. Later in the afternoon, jousts are organized between the rulers' knights, as well as magical duels between magic-using army officers. The best fighter will then confront the best spell-caster, according to very strict duelling rules (the knight wins if he bloods the magic-user before being trapped or rendered unconscious). Magic-users are the odds-on favorites, but once in a while a knight proves to be the best. Later, during the night, many soldiers spend time in the towns. The more vulgar taverns are full of drunken soldiers, either spell-casters or fighters eager to prove they are better than the other class. Brawls, naturally, are very common that night.

Felmont - 7

(28 days) - Summer1 - Five Shires (Furtal) - The Day of Heroes - The tombs and battlefields of famous hin are respectfully visited and strewn with flowers and trophies taken up from the enemies of hin after a battle (usually oreweapons). The deeds and lives of these Heroes, alive and dead, are retold and sung; it is a day off work, much loved by the young hin. - Glantri - 2nd Tax Day - Citizens of Glantri City bring their quarterly taxes to the House of Ministers before midnight. In the principalities and Free Territories, people bring their gold to the local Constabulary. Tax evaders will be identified within the next three months and hunted down by the constables. For richer citizens, magic may be used to determine if they are making appropriate tax payments. - Traladaran Society - Beasts Day - Church of Traladara - This is the traditional date of the last battle between King Halav and the Beast-Men, and is a big, lavish Traladaran holiday all over Karameikos. Participants dress up as Beast-Men and wander the streets in parades, and there are mock battles between Beast-Men and Men. dances, and other events commemorating the battle. Religious observations are held by clerics of the Church of Traladara.13 - Darokin - Darokin Day - A National Holiday that celebrates the birthday of the founder 1,000 years ago. Celebrated with parades, fairs, special entertainment events, and the closing of all businesses.15 - Alphatian culture (Islamir) - Doggerel Days - In the heat of high summer, theatrical companies and scholarly guilds stage a week of competitions of music and the verbal arts. This includes plays, all kinds of music, the telling of jokes and puns, the writing and reading of cheap verse, etc. Alphatians save up their worse jokes, doggerel, and anecdotes all year to dredge it forth in thee competitions. - Ethengar (Lingmai) - The Gathering - This day is the closest to a midsummer festival that the Ethengars have. During the day, all those who can be spared are sent onto the steppes to collect huge bundles of grasses and flowers. These are woven into garlands, crowns, and ropes. All yurts, wagons, and people are festooned with flowering decorations, and a summer feast is made ready and enjoyed by all the clan. By the light of the full moon, the clan shamans bless the gatlands. They are left to dry and then collected, to be fed to the horses in the winter months as a reminder that the gifts of summer are never far away. - Glantri - Summer Solstice - The Brotherhood of the Radiance must make contact at midnight. The Mid point of summer. - Thyatian Culture - Day of Valerias. This is a day celebrating high romance and passion, dedicated to the Immortal Valerias. On this day, more marriages take place, more betrothals are announced, more unhappy lovers kill them- selves, mote duck are fought by rid for a lady’s affection, more lovers keep daring trysts, than in my other week in the Empire. This is, appropriately, a day of the full moon. 22 - Glantri - Gondola Games - The great games of Glantri City occur during this midsummer day. To mock army jousts, the contestants stand on top of a narrow platform at the bow of their gondolas, holding a long pole in their right hand, a large pan lid in the left, and wearing a metal pot on their head. The purpose of the game is to knock the other contestants into the canals. The winner gains a silver medal, as well as free passage on all gondolas for a year (the medal serves as pass and shows the year the winner gained it.) Many banquets, dances and spectacles occur in the Entertainers' and Port Quarters. The port business is usually halted the day of the games. The event is sponsored by the River Teamsters.24 - (!) - Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction25 - (!) - Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction26 - (!) - Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction27 - (!) - Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction28 - (-) - Missing Star - 10% chance of well known star disappearing

Fyrmont - 8

(28 days) - Summer1 - Five Shires (Aumbyr) - The Fast and the Feast - The fast is a 7 day fast with the 8th day being a feast and takes place with much hunting and much revelry. The Open Tables of The Long Feast are an eager attraction for all who can find any excuse to be in the Shires at this time; almost all are welcome. The Fast begins on the first day of fall. - Karameikos - Tax day for the last three months. The tax collectors collect taxes for Flaurmont through Klarmont of this year. 10 - (e) - Eclipse - 15% chance for 1d6 minutes15 - Glantri - Night of the Red Moon - The mundaners believe that evil spirits come out during the night to haunt them and cause catastrophes. The moon seems to turn red (a natural phenomenon), and it is true that animals and monsters become nervous this night. Mages find that their perceptions of magic are slightly aroused this night. All the mages in Glantri must roll ld20 under their Intelligence. Those who fail are unaffected; the others gain 1 point of Intelligence for Id6 night hours but must then save vs. spells or be inebriated by this surge of magic. Missing the saving throw by 3 points or less causes a spell-caster to feel dizzy and euphoric, but has no further effect. Missing by 9 or less causes a spell-caster to be mildly intoxicated; he will lose all memory of what occurs that night, including spell discoveries. Missing by 10 or more causes a spell-caster to be totally intoxicated: he loses Id8 points of Dexterity for that night, babbles unintelligibly, giggles or laughs insanely, has odd hallucinations, and finally loses consciousness (and memory of what happened) after Id4 hours. More powerful mages who fall victim to the red moon can be quite dangerous (the Great School of Magic usually turns into a ' madhouse during these hours)22 - Ethengar (Tringmai) - The Great Horse Fair (week festivities) - This is the largest annual Horse Fair, usually held near the Court of the Golden Khan. The Great Horse Fair draws clans from all over the Sea of Grass. The principle business of the day is horse trading—a chance to purchase renowned breeding stock, to clinch deals for the future, and to sell at a profit. Trading in other stock, fabrics, food stuff, luxury goods, weapons, and medicines makes sure that there is plenty to buy, sell, and see. It is at the Horse Fair that marriage contracts are proposed, new tribal members introduced, stories told, news exchanged, and rumors started. The Fair is a joyous occasion, during which the routine and mundane matters of life on the steppes are forgotten. Great quantities of food and drink are consumed, steam yurts are filled with chattering, sweaty Ethengars, all eager to swap tales, make bets, and cleanse impurities from their bodies. For the shamans and clerics it is a time to hold conferences, to learn from those more experienced, to seek answers to perplexing problems, and to secure a good future for their tribes. The Golden Khan is present at the Great Horse Fair. His horses fetch huge prices and bestow great status on the fortunate purchaser. Politics, the strengths and weaknesses of neighboring lands, the strategy and tactics of successful raiding and war—all are discussed and argued over. Many schemes are hatched at the fair, and sometimes intertribal rivalries flare up into open confrontation. Any such fighting is put down by the Keshak, for Moglai Khan knows well the importance of a united people.

Ambyrmont - 9

(28 days) - Autumn1 - Ethengar (Demai) - The First Day of Riding - This is a children's day and of importance to the future of the clan. On this day, children who have seen three summers are given their first mounts. These are the more reliable animals, able to teach their young riders the art of horse riding. The day is tinged with excitement and seriousness; young children run wildly about in their new riding outfits, too excited to sit still and listen to their elders. The clan head will eventually command silence, remind the assembled clan why they are meeting, and then give blessings to the children, offering each a horse picked out for them. By this time, almost wild with impatience, the young riders must stand quietly and listen as stories are related of the clan's great riders, the honor they brought the Khan, the horses they rode, and the feats attempted. Such stories may last many hours and are followed by instruction to the children of how to appease the spirit of the horse, how to call the horse, etc. At long last the children are allowed to mount and are given their first lesson on horseback riding. Suddenly the day seems worth all that boring adult talk. 3 - Rockhome (Barrlin) - This is the Showing Dax a sort of “Show and Tell’’ celebration day of the dwarves. Great fairs are held for the sale and trading of crafts and, especially, for the demonstration of new techniques in craftsmanship and engineering. By this date, humans from all over the continent will haw flooded into Rockhome to see the great fair held in Upper Dengar and learn from the dwarves. 11 - Minrothad (Nomun) - Bask Day - the last special holiday of the year spent in relaxation in the sun. First returning trade ships are due.15 - Glantri - Feria de Toros - This is the national holiday for die southern elves of Belcadiz. Irate bulls are released in the streets of their city, New Alvar, where the people prove their bravery by trying to outrun them or removing a little ribbon from one of their horns. Magic is not considered fair in this run. In Glantri City, this day is when the city gets rid of dangerous creatures lurking in the waterways. At first, it was the army's responsibility to seek out and destroy them. Then the southern elves of the capital took the monster hunt into their own hands. Nowadays, the more courageous urbanites are invited to board war gondolas and hunt the creatures using magic or weapons—good training for the Great School of Magic's students. The Monster Hunters' Union is ,often out to purchase some newly captured monsters.22 - Glantri - Beggers Hope - The poor wretches of the Beggars' Court are allowed out of their city quarter to beg without threat of being chased away. Many middle-class people and some nobles come to the West Side Quarter to make donations of food and old clothes and occasionally remove some of the most awful curses.26 - (!) - Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction27 - (-) - Missing Star - 10% chance of well known star disappearing28 - (x) - Stellar Cataclysm - 3% chance of no magic - Ethengar (Demai) - The Court of the Golden Khan returns to Xantha.

Sviftmont - 10

(28 days) - Autumn6 - (!) - Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction - Ethengar (Chagai) - New Year - This date is marked with a celebration meal of special breads, consumed with great relish by the Ethengars. It is a quiet affair, the major festivities waiting until all the clans have joined together again for the winter. - Glantri - 3rd Tax Day - Citizens of Glantri City bring their quarterly taxes to the House of Ministers before midnight. In the principalities and Free Territories, people bring their gold to the local Constabulary. Tax evaders will be identified within the next three months and hunted down by the constables. For richer citizens, magic may be used to determine if they are making appropriate tax payments.7 - (?) - New Star - 5% chance for one night of an unusual star, or 3% chance permanent8 - Alphatian culture (Hastmir) - week long - Wine Festival - This celebration consists of drinking festivals all over alphatia. It is more a commoners festival than a nobles event, but plenty of nobles participate. - Thyatian Culture - Vanya’s Day. This is a day of gift- giving and celebration of the year’s prosperity-or hope for the next year’s prosperity, if this one has ken poor. This is a day of good cheer and heavy feasting; it is also the day upon which the most serious duels take place. By ancient tradition, only duels to the death are conducted on Vanya’s Day; other duels must be delayed. 15 - Darokin - The Great Reckoning - Happens every 5 years in years ending with a 3 and 8. - Ethengar(Chagai) - Winter gathering of the tribes to the Winter Site. - Glantri - Autumn Equinox - The Brotherhood of the Radiance must make contact at midnight. Some bad weather could be expected, with high winds or violent thunderstorms. Marks the middle of Autumn. - Glantri - Vyonnese Carnival - This is the national festival of New Averoigne. The celebrants go along the streets of their towns, or the canals of Glantri City's residents, waving scarecrows around, wearing colorful costumes and masks, laughing, dancing, banging on pan lids and making the most atrocious noise possible. Most other people think they do this just to have fun (and many join in these processions), but the real meaning of the festival is to scare evil spirits away and mock the werewolf. With a closer look, an observer can see that many of the scarecrows wear wolf skins or look like ugly wolfmen. The carnival starts at dusk and lasts until sunrise, driving the city constabulary mad, as it is impossible to stop the massive crowds of lawbreakers (disturbing nighttime peace is a crime in Glantri City.)22 - Ethengar(Chagai) - Due date for clans to arrive at the tribe. - Fire Shires (Tembiir) - The Reaping - A great feast and time of slumber, swimming, lazing about and lovemaking. This follows upon the end of the frantic gathering of the harvests for the winter that has dominated the previous months. Clans take stock of their wealth and make plans for the year ahead. Herds, roads, and homes are prepared for the deep winter to come.23 - Ethengar(Chagai) - Day of Counting - The clans return to the Khan all stocks, horses, and other herd animals. The amount returned is carefully compared to the amount the Khan allocated to the clan on the Day of Blessings (see Haimai 15th) and a record is made of all new purchases, acquisitions, and births. It is a day of great importance to the clans, as their success (or failure) at increasing their Khan's wealth directly affects how much the clan is given next spring. The herds are turned out to graze together and individual clans no longer have sole responsibility for the animals that were in their care. 24 - Ethengar(Chagai) - Day of Naming and Welcoming - A day of great celebration and feasting. New clothes purchased or made during the summer are brought out, yaks are roasted, and much time is spent preparing a great feast to be eaten in the evening around a great fire. During the festivities, each new child is presented to the Khan, blessed, and given its name. Any new marriage contracts are announced, if the Khan gives permission, and the dates are set. Songs are sung of tribal history and stories of great and glorious exploits are recited by the shamans long into the night. As the fires burn low, the tribe settles down for a night under the stars, safe in the knowledge that theirs is indeed a blessed and glorious way of life. 28 - Karameikos - The Duke's Birthday - This is a holiday in Specularum, with events like those of the New Year celebration.

Eirmont - 11

(28 days) - Autumn1 - Enthengar (RinPoch) - Cretia's Day - On this day the Ethengars play tricks on each other. These are mostly harmless, but some of the rabid chaotics who follow the Immortal sometimes go too far, dreaming up pranks that result in real hurt and misery. - Karameikos - Tax day for the last three months - The tax collectors collect taxes for Felmont through Ambyrmont of this year. 6 - (-) - Missing Star - 10% chance of well known star disappearing - Darokin - Harvest Day - All citizens, no matter their station, dress as farmers for the day and celebrates the harvest - even in the largest cities. Many businesses remain open, but most workers try to get this day off if they can.15 - Ethengar (RinPoch) - The Night of Spirits - For the shaman this is the most important and potent night of the year. During this time the boundaries between the World Yurt and the Spirit World fade. It is a night of high ritual and shamanistic expertise. Those shamans with access to the required spells journey to the Spirit World, seeking the aid and advice of the spirits for the year ahead. Some shamans attempt to reach and scale the World Mountain, for this is regarded as the most auspicious time to enter the Spirit World. It is also an important night for the rest of the tribe. Songs are sung remembering tribal ancestors, requesting their guidance and aid in the future life of the tribe. An entire feast is set aside for the ancestral spirits and offerings are made to a multitude of animal and plant spirits. Small fires are lit and blessed, bathing the steppes in an eerie flickering light, encouraging the presence of benign spirits and aiding the shamans in their attempts to reach the trance state. It is traditional for the tribe to fast during the day and night, a fast that is enthusiastically broken at dawn with a communal meal followed by a day of sporting events and merriment. - Glantri - Fire Night - Many of the old Flaemish people wear long golden robes and high pointed hoods covering their faces during this festival. They make a quiet procession along the streets of Kopstar, carrying torches. Officially, they honor the end of fall. These people are followers of the philosophy of fire, the traditional element in their culture. In the Flaemish history, the purpose of the procession was to purify the air in the towns, waving torches and eventually burning down the houses of less desirable inhabitants. This still occurs in smaller villages in the Principality of Linden, and only rarely at Kopstar or Glantri City. At the capital, the procession goes along in gondolas, drawing crowds of curious onlookers. - Rockhome (Jhyrlin) - Trading dwarves try to return to Rockhome by this day called Caravan Day This is a major celebration of and for the traders of the nation. It is quiet and peaceful, a thanksgiving among dwarves for their traders’ and craftsmen’s prosperity, characterized by wonderful feasts and reflective storytelling22 - Thyatian Culture - Protius’ Day - By now, nasty weather brings about the end of the official shipping stan (though many seamen keep at their trade longer into the cold months than this). This date is a day for quiet observances and feasts through the empire, and is called Protius’ Day for the Immortal of the Seas.28 - Darokin - Great Reckoning completion - should be complete by this time.

Kladmont - 12

(28 days) - Winter1 - Darokin - Contract Month - All contract expire in this month, and all new contacts are prepared to be signed in the new year. All taxes are due at the end of the month. - Ethengar (Komai) - The Golden Khan moves toward Bargha for the winter period. - Five Shires (Clabbas) - The Wintergifting - Halflings exchange gifts with their closest friends and go out into the snow to find and make a new friend on this day. The gifts are usually small, handmade, useful things such as a new cloak, toy, dagger or winter boots, or a new tool to replace a broken one. It is a day of little or no trade, a day for quiet good cheer, talking the old year over and looking ahead into the new one. The start of the New Year. - Rockhome (Kuldlin) - This is the final day by which all dwarves must have paid their taxes. if they fail, they are subject to stiff fines if they pay be 1 Hralin instead. If they fail even to pay by 1 Hralin, they are tried of the major crime of tax avoidance. Naturally, this date is not a very happy one in the dwarven year; it's also the first day of winter. The fort at Evekarr Pass is abandoned on this day and its garrison travels to gloomy Kurdal for the winter.8 - Glantri - Best Wishes of Krondahar - This is the annual holiday for the people of Krondahar, the first day of their year of the Ethengarian Calendar. They spend the day in towns and fields, wishing the best of luck to any they may cross paths with. Entire parties walk about the streets of Braastar (or riding gondolas in Glantri City) swinging censers, slowly beating a drum, blowing a huge horn or ringing a bell according to a rhythmic but obscure musical an. Traditionally, a Krondaharian wishes luck by sticking out his tongue at the person to be wished good luck. In return, the grateful person must bow once and stick his tongue out. The ceremony ends with the first Krondaharian slapping the other on the left cheek and bowing twice. This ceremony can cause difficulties outside Krondahar, when a Krondaharian wishes luck to one of a different culture—but can't speak common Glantrian (as many don't) and explain the custom to one whom it offends.15 - Alphatian Culture (Amphimir) - Closing Day - The schools and universites following the annual nine month plan close. boarding students who have no where to go must stay these next three months and study at their own pace. There not much else to do. All other boarding students are sent home to be burdens to their families during the winter months. This is also a minor geast-holiday in the empire, an acknowledgement of the arrival of winter. - Ethengar (Komai) - Blessing of the Golden's Khan's Court - The Golden Khan's Court at Bargha is formally blessed: All warriors join together in a great show of military strength and expertise. The Golden Khan sets competitions, hunts, and puzzles for the warriors. The winners gain gifts and increase their status in the eyes of the tribe. Tactical skills, honor, and accuracy are tested to their limit. While this day has developed into a festival, it owes its origins to the original necessity for the Golden Khan to stand proud and strong at Bargha, defying any Ethengar or Outsider to challenge his strength and prowess as a leader. Tribes in the area may join the festivities, entering their own warriors. For those farther afield, tournaments and challenges may be held on a local basis. - Glantri - Raising the Walls - This day is dedicated to the raising of defensive walls on the south side of Glantri City. The date may be changed according to how early or late the cold weather sets in. The purpose of this event is to make sure the south of the city is protected when the river freezes. Immense crowds of people watch the mages cast their spells. The Mages' personal goal is to show their arcane talents by creating walls decorated with different colors, decorative sculptures, eerie glows and auras, and so forth. A large banquet will be offered at the parliament in honor of the mage with the most spectacular wall. - Thyatian Culture - Week Long - Footman’s Games. Foot- men’s tournaments take place, in the company of fairs and bazaars and other entertainments. Weapon makers show off their wares and many challenges and duels take place. This event is set off six months from the Kerendan Days of the Hoof and is the footman’s equivalent of it, but these Games ate more widespread, taking place all over the Empire. 24 - (!) - Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction25 - (!) - Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction26 - (!) - Shooting Star - 20% chance in a useful direction27 - (-) - Missing Star - 10% chance of well known star disappearing - Ethengar (Komai) - The Day of Law - This day is the most holy day for worshipers of Tubak the Lawgiver. The clerics of Tubak recite the Law and a great feast is held. Anyone committing a crime on this day is put to death. 28 - (x) - Stellar Cataclysm - 3% chance of no magic - Alphatian culture - The Extra Day - The day that no magic works, and that is not counted as part of their culture. All magical barriers fail, gates open, imprisoned beings begin to rush free. Spellcasters prefer to stay indoors, powerless, protected by local commoners when posible, while horrible things may be out there roaming the streets.