The Dark Elf's

Dungeons & Dragons

Set in Mystara - D&D Games Week

Welcome to my D&D game set in the world of Mystara and using all the published 5th Edition campaigns from Wizards of the Coast.

  • Rule #1 - No evil characters (or players) in the games.

  • Rule #2 – Be respectful, to the other players and the Games Master. Disrespectful players will be asked to leave

  • Rule #3 – Provide Stat blocks – Those who provide stat blocks gain access to extra rules from my website and books released, those that do not can only access the Core rules books. Pathfinder 2 (Core Rule), D&D (Players Handbook, Monster Manual and Dungeon Masters Guide)

  • Rule #4 - All Games will be recorded and put into my YouTube Channel. You can witness what you missed, and revisit what you attended. There will be no editing, so what you say will go online.

House Rules:

  • Point Buy attribute build.

  • Hit points max at first level and half plus one for levels above 1st.

  • For house rules and character options ask me for my current PDF.

  • Home brew campaign inspired by D&D Mystara / Known World setting and updated to 5th Ed with changes to fit the new system

  • Unearthed Arcana options are not available

Game Resources - not used in the game, but contain useful information.