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Official community for Top Down Citie's Grand Theft Auto Multiplayer servers was created on 2010 for the first server for Gta 3 Lu.TDCS slowly started to get enhancing and get itself on to GTA VC-MP on 2013.When TDCS got much player's and always got heavily loaded on both GTA-Multiplayer's it started improving it self to GTA SA-MP on 2014 which became quite popular.In 2017 TDCS released A Multi-game mode server for GTA IV:MP , Then on 2018 TDCS released a Multi-gamemode with many features for GTA-V:MP and with great success TDCS got acheivement! .Now TDCS is one of the most popular gaming-server in GTA-Multiplayer's. Special Thank's to our member's who developed and promoted TDCS.