A one-line description of the project


To empower the faculty fraternity of TCE to become globally competent


R&D Cell of TCE shall strive

  • To bring in the research culture amongst students and faculty members.

  • To impart awareness in cutting edge areas of science and technology.

  • To organize trainings / workshops / seminars / conferences in relevance to research promotion.

Research is all about searching for a new finding by applying a scientific method / systematic approach subjected to a specific problem / issue. Research may involve use of existing knowledge in a more creative way in order to breed new understandings. Research paper is a write up of the research findings, out of the research carried out by an individual or a group in a specific domain of interest. Research papers are all about organizing ideas in a linear and understandable format to the research community who are working in the same domain of interest. Pursing research is more than “Finding Something New”. It is a journey into self.

Dr. Arun Kumar R

In-Charge (R&D)


Research Centers: 1

Ph.D.s : 13

Research Scholars: 19