TCEA 2019 Session Materials

Welcome! Please find session resources below. Be sure to check back for other resources soon!

Listen to #Voxercasts with TCEA 2019 participants shown right. Each link takes you to audio and pictures featured in a tweet.

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Left to right: Miguel Guhlin, Barbara Brown

Session Resources

Session Feedback

  • "Thanks for being hands on and showing us what to do. And your list of resources are AMAZING. Thanks for sharing and saying we can use them in our own presentations!"
  • "So excited that the content used for this session was Texas History! I’ll used these strategies and lessons next month for sure!"
  • "Thankful for Miguel Guhlin and all that he does to make TCEA great for all of us! His sessions are outstanding!"

Thanks for an exciting TCEA 2019 Convention!

Listen and Learn to this group share about #pbl Class Collab Projects session.

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