Blending the ISTE Standards into

The Elementary Classroom

Explore the ISTE Standards for Educators in this hands-on workshop. You'll have a chance to learn what they look like and how knowing them can help you document your success and growth for your teacher evaluation.

Are you familiar with the ISTE Standards for Students? The standard on Computational Thinking describe the skills and strategies students need to develop.

Physical computing and computational thinking, which you will learn more about in this session, are doorways into future-ready classrooms.

You will earn credit for today's session in the Microsoft Education Community (MEC) and experience PC/CT yourself through various hands-on activities.

Become a Computational Thinker

Computational thinking is critical to the future. Learn how you can become a computational thinker and learn about physical computing.

Get curriculum to make it happen

Starting from scratch and wondering how to get going with physical computing, coding and all that jazz? Get access to free curriculum.

Adopt a maker attitude

"Adopt a maker attitude," says Peggy Reimers. That attitude is about having a willingness to blend high-tech with hand-made crafts, FAIL (First Attempt in Learning), and have a Growth Mindset.