Join the TCEAMIE Group

The focus is to share resources and learning around Office 365, OneNote, and other stuff, between Texas educators. You do not have to be a TCEA member (why aren't you a member? to join TCEA MIE!

Ready to join a vibrant community of Texas educators committed to making awesome teaching and learning opportunities happen? Join the TCEAMIE Group. It's free and open to educators.

Follow steps below to get started. Scroll to bottom of page for more information about the transition.

Step 1: Join Group.Me

Group.Me is both a website and an app. You can access the TCEAMIE Group through either, whichever is most convenient for you. Below, you will find a convenient link to the website so you can create your account. Mobile user? Get the GroupMe app for your device.

Create a Group.Me Account via Website

Get the App

Step 2: Join TCEAMIE Group

Now that you have your free GroupMe account, you're ready to join! Click the GroupMe icon/invitational link below or scan the QR code on your mobile device.

On a computer?

Use the handy link shown right to join the TCEAMIE Group and get connected!

On a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet?

Scan the QR Code shown to quickly join the TCEAMIE Group and begin sharing great information and ideas!

Step 3 - Introduce Yourself

Take a moment to introduce yourself once you join the TCEAMIE Group! Don't be afraid to speak up in a professional manner relevant to Microsoft Innovative Education.

Why Move from Facebook to Group.Me?

Wondering why I am migrating from Facebook Groups to Group.Me? Here are a few reasons Group.Me works:

  • Make it easier for members to ask questions and participate
  • Make it easier to share new information from other social media platforms and blogs
  • Simplify access on mobile devices
  • Clear privacy policy