Maker Magic

Are You a Maker?

Of course, you are! What does it take to setup a space for making? Let's explore via this photo tour, as well as check out the resources shared below. Be sure to check back often, as this resource will be updated periodically.

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Podcast: Listen to Two Library Makers Share

Make Magic with 3D Printing

Learn the basics to getting started with 3D printing. You'll learn a variety of ways they can be used in the classroom and how they are impacting jobs. We'll also provide tips/tricks to operating and maintaining a 3D printer and take a closer look at Tinkercad as a simple tool used to create objects to be sent to the printer.

Sample Lessons

Develop Computational Thinking with Block Coding and Drones

What's the connection between drones and making? Programming, pure and simple. Fortunately, programming drones does not have to involve coding (although it can). Instead, you can introduce students to drone control using apps like these:

Each of which works with different drones. This type of programming can be introduced to students using MIT's Scratch and Scratch, Jr, Tynker, as well as Minecraft: Education Edition Code Builder.

Creative Coding Through Games & Apps (CCGA)

Learn more about Creative Coding Through Games & Apps, which features a FREE cross-platform compatible (e.g. iPads, Android, Chromebooks, Windows, Mac) programming environment (Touch Develop). It also comes with a free online curriculum.

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