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Dr. Wesley Fryer

Guest Speaker - Dr. Wesley Fryer

Dr. Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) is a teacher, author, speaker, and the Director of Technology for Casady School in Oklahoma City. He is the co-host of the weekly “EdTech Situation Room” webshow and podcast (@edtechSR). His blog is, Moving at the Speed of Creativity.

He is the author of several books on effectively using digital technologies to communicate, tell stories, create media projects and develop STEM coding skills. (

Access his slide deck at

Podcasts -

Session Description:

Join us to get a great list of blogs and podcasts that can motivate, excite, and spark your passion for teaching!

In Today's Session:

  1. Defining Terms
  2. Awesome Blogs & Podcasts
  3. RSS Aggregators & OPML
  4. Tracking Bloggable Content with Flipboard, Nuzzel, Pocket
  5. Getting Started with Blogging and Podcasting Resources

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1-Defining Terms:

  • Blog: A web site you can subscribe to via Real Simple Syndication (RSS) where a writer or group of writers express their reflections on a subject, piece of writing (e.g. research, other blog entry). Blogs are organized in reverse chronological order, the most recent entry at the top of the page, include categories and one word descriptors (tags).
  • Podcast: Audio or video (a.k.a. "vidcast") embedded in an RSS feed, usually a blog, that can be subscribed to.
  • RSS Aggregator: A web site or program that allows you to subscribe and organize RSS feeds from blogs. RSS Aggregators can usually import or export an OPML file that contains the complete list of subscribed blogs.

Need more details? Read this blog entry on the subject!

2-Awesome Blogs & Podcast

Educators from around the world are authoring and producing awesome blogs and podcasts. Below, you'll find 5 of my favorites, designed to inspire and motivate.

In each category, you will find an OPML file (more on that later) that you can save to your computer then import into your favorite RSS aggregator. This will get you a comprehensive list of blogs and podcasts that you can add or subtract from.

Need to Get Them All?

Grab these two files then import them into web-friendly,, or, if you prefer a program you install on your desktop/laptop computer, give RSS Owl a try whirl!

3- RSS Aggregators & Other Podcatchers

Web-based RSS Aggregators

  1. (Android/iOS)
  2. (Android/iOS)

Both come with mobile versions so you can read and listen on the go!

Windows/Mac Computer


  1. Stitcher (Android/iOS)
  2. Overcast (iOS)
  3. Podcast & Radio Addict (Android)

Text to Speech Tools (TTS) for Narrated Blog Entries

Have a lot of blog entries but don't necessarily want to read them? Why not have the Pocket app read them to you?

Simply save blogs, web sites, whatever to Pocket, then view each one and tap the Text To Speech (TTS) option!

As shown right, this provides another way to listen to your favorite blog entries, as well as web sites that you save to Pocket.

View tutorial for Pocket TTS on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

Finding and Tracking Bloggable Content with Mobile Curation Tools

Heavy into Twitter? Use tools like Flipboard and Nuzzel (available on the Web and as mobile apps) to aggregate your tweets into easy to follow resources!

Save what you really like to Pocket, then setup an If This Then That (IFTTT) recipe to share it to social media outlets or email (if that's your thing).

Blogging and Podcasting in the Classroom