The "New" Google Sites as ePortfolio

Want to use the new Google Sites as an ePortfolio solution? Learn how to take advantage of the Duplicate Site feature to do so.


Create new Sites for individual students that may be too young to do so and then have students (of any age) create their ePortfolio pages in Google Docs. These Google Docs (or Slides) can contain videos, audio file links, photos, and more. Then these documents can be embedded into the new Google Sites.

Approach #1 - Hyperdoc It

The main benefit is that you facilitate students using a hyperdoc that is customized to match what you want students to highlight. Since a hyperdoc is stored in Google Drive, you can use Google Classroom to distribute it to students.

View Example by @KellyHilton

Here are some recommended steps you can take:

  1. Have students create their own new Google Site, or the teacher can create one and then transfer ownership to the student
  2. Students rely on teacher-created ePortfolios hyperdocs that they can build on
  3. Have students link their hyperdoc’d ePortfolios to their new Google Sites

Students can also create a master list of ePortfolio documents to a table of content Google Doc that can later be embedded in a new Google Sites.

Approach #2 - Duplicate Google Sites