Need a portable storage space you can access from any device, including your smartphone? Google Drive is your virtual file cabinet or storage space. You can drop in Google Documents of all sorts, including word processing, spreadsheet, images, video, sound, as well as MS Office files (e.g. docx, xlsx, pptx). You can choose to convert files to a Google Doc format or leave them as is without converting them.

Start with Drive to access Drawings, Docs, Slides, Forms, Photos, Sheets, Sites, and more. These types of files are saved here. You can add or create new document using the NEW button in the top left quadrant of your screen.

Share anything you put in Drive with others. Never email a single copy of a document again, then get a variety in return to reconcile them all into one. Now, just share the link to the document and let people work on it directly. A revision history makes it easy to see who changed what and you can revert to a particular version if necessary.

Organize your Drive, creating folders, dragging them and documents around. You can create sub-folders inside of folders to better arrange them, as well as color code them. Right-click a folder or document to see various options. Options include Star, Rename, Download, Share, Get the link to share, and Removing.

Visit the Google Help Center for additional information.

Exam Expectations

Cloud Storage with Google Drive

  1. Define Drive and identify a variety of uses for it in the school setting
  2. Access Drive from the App Launch icon
  3. Search for files in Drive
  4. Open files in Drive
  5. Copy/Share links of PDFs shared via Drive
  6. Create, move, and delete folders
  7. Create a folder with two sub-folders
  8. Share a folder with View/Edit rights
  9. Upload files to Drive

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Team Activity

Working with your team, create a shared space to house your lesson plans for the school year.

Take a moment to create a team of three people (or more) and then begin on the following:

    • Create a folder to share with the entire team (everyone but the principal should have edit rights; the principal should only have View rights)
    • Type up a lesson plan (or copy-n-paste one) into Google Docs, then share the document. Have other team members make adjustments
    • Save the PDF version of the lesson plan, then place it in the shared folder your principal has view access to.


Share your reflections about the following online in the Google Doc linked below:

  • What I found easiest was...
  • What I found hardest was...
  • What do I need to learn more about...


10 Minutes (Timed) - Scenario

Your students wrote a report on Ramona Quimby and now need to grade it.

  • Open the Ramona Quimby Report -
  • Save it to your drive in a folder called reports.
  • Add a comment to the first 2 sentences of the report, instructing your students, Miguel (, Diana ( and Peggy ( to look over the pdf on punctuation located at this website:
  • Add a comment about the image on the report. Your students need to locate a better image and it needs to portray what the report is about.
  • Add the comment “Check your punctuation” on the last sentence of the report.
  • Share the report with your fellow teacher, Jennifer Bergland,, asking her for her opinion.