Educator Level 1

The content of this training is designed to prepare participants for the official Google exams to earn a Google Educator Level 1 certificate, while exploring practical uses for the Google tools.

These resources are intended to support you in your quest for Google Educator Level 1 certification!

Before We Start...

Before we get started, you will need to register for the exam. This will ensure (we hope) that you get the exam information PRIOR to when you take the exam during our time together.

Do You Know Your Google Tools?

Finished registering for the exam? Complete this matching activity to show what you know.

Before you click the link above or the picture shown right to complete the activity, make sure you are logged into G Suites.

  1. Login to your G Suite for Education account
  2. Click the link shown above or the picture shown right

"Ok, I'm done. Now what?"

If folks are still getting registered for the exam, try this G Suite Powered Classroom activity.

Session Outline

A Few More Scenarios

The Google Educator Level 1 will challenge you with various tasks and scenarios. Below are various scenarios and task cards that you can use to challenge yourself.

Special thanks to the incredible, amazing Christy Cate!

Task Cards for Level 1

Exam Logistics and Tips

Special Thanks to Eric Curts & Stacy Kline

Be sure to check Eric's blog, Ctrl-Alt-Achieve, to learn even more about G Suite for Education! Also, follow him on Twitter.

Please find Eric Curts' relevant resources for Google Educator Level 1 preparations embedded on each of the pages below. For quick access, they appear to the right. Each slide decks offers you the opportunity to do a visual review of key ideas in slideshow format.

Stacy Kline has prepared a HyperDoc to assist you in preparing for the Google Educator Level 1 exam. View the document below.

Stacy Kline's GCE Level 1 HyperDoc Study Guide

Other GEL 1 Resources

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