Welcome to Miguel Guhlin's Events page. If you are interested in signing up for events shown below, please be sure to visit the TCEA Events page.

June, 2018

Face to Face


  • Mon, 4: MIE 1-Day Teacher Academy


  • Tue, 19 - Wed, 20; all day: Adobe Academy 2018


May, 2018

Face to Face

  • Amarillo
    • 9: PBL in the Minecraft: Education Edition Classroom


  • Fri, 18; 8:30-3:30pm: Leadership Technology Summit
  • Wed, 23; 11:45-12:15pm: Design Thinking - Learn the methodology that designers use as a creative way to develop solutions for specific problems. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to use in your classroom.

April, 2018


  • Thu, 5; 11:45-12:30pm: Getting Started with Google Tour Builder
  • Wed, 11; 11:45-12:15pm: So You Want to Make an App - How can I make an app if I'm not a big-time developer? We'll share resources with you, from simple creation to more advanced coding and courses.

March, 2018

Face to Face

  • Washington, D.C.
    • Mon-Thu, 26-29: ISTE Certification Training


  • Tue, 27; 4-5pm: SketchUp Pro

February, 2018

Face to Face

  • Corpus Christi:
    • Tue, 20: Minecraft: Education Edition in the Classroom


  • Wed, 21; 11:45-12:15pm: Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks - If you use the Microsoft Office suite, you'll want to join us for tips and tricks in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that will make you a more efficient and effective user.
  • Wed, 28; 11:45-12:15pm: Tools for Flipping Your Classroom - Flipping your classroom doesn't have to mean flipping your lid...not when you have the resources and strategies that we'll share during today's webinar.

January, 2018

Face to Face

  • Mon, 15: Graham ISD Google Training
  • Tue, 16: UTSA Preservice Teacher
  • Thu, 18: ESC4 Digital Learning Conference


  • Tue, 9-29; Online: Budget and Finance online course
  • Wed, 10; 11:45-12:15pm: Creating Video Tutorials to Support Student Growth - Don't waste time trying out different software to make video tutorials. We'll share ones that are simple and easy to use, so easy that you'll have your students using them as well.
  • Thu, 11; 4-6pm: Project Management Fundamentals
  • Wed, 24; 11:45-12:15pm: 3D Printing for All Ages - 3D printing has come to the regular classroom! Join us to learn how 3D printing can enhance your classroom...even if you have a very limited budget.

December, 2017


  • Mon, 11; 4-5pm: Google SketchUp Pro

November, 2017

Face to Face


  • Mon, 6: Travel to Edinburg
  • Tue, 7: MIE 1-day academy in Edinburg, Tx


  • 8-11: CAST Conference


  • Thu, 16: CTS Academy
  • Fri, 17: CTS Academy


  • Thu, 2; 11:45-12:30pm: Secret Gmail Tricks
  • Wed, 15; 11:45-12:15pm: Encouraging Students to Publish - We'll share a variety of ways that students can publish, in the classroom as well as to the world, along with our recommendations for different age groups.

October, 2017

Face to Face


    • Wed, 11: Technology Leadership Summit: Cloud/Mobile Security
    • Thu, 26: SysAdmin Conference


Tue, 10/10-10/30; Online; Personnel Management Certification Course

Tue, 17; 4-5pm: Using Key Performance Indicators to Inform Your Work

September, 2017

Face to Face


San Antonio

  • Sat, 16: Office 365 Teacher Academy at Brooks Collegiate Academy


  • Fri, 22: TCEA Makers



Thu, 7; 4-5pm: Digital Coaching - Helping Teachers Integrate Technology

Wed, 20; 11:45-12:15pm: Creating Virtual Worlds to Support Learning- Learn how educators and students can use a free tool to create virtual worlds to demonstrate and extend their learning.

August, 2017

Face to Face

Corpus Christi

  • Thu, 3: Travel
  • Fri, 4: MIE 1-day Academy at ESC-2 in Corpus Christi (F2F)

Region 5 Curriculum Conference

  • Mon, 7: Travel to Port Neches Grove ISD HS
  • Tue, 8: PDC (MG) Region 5 Curriculum Conference

Sabine Pass:

  • Tue, 8: Travel to Sabine Pass (after Region5 Conference)
  • Wed, 9 - Thu, 10 (9am-3pm): Flipped/Blended Learning in Sabine Pass ISD (F2F)


  • Wed, 23: Travel to Edinburg
  • Thu, 24: MIE Trainer 2-day Academy in Edinburg, Tx (F2F)

Fri, 25: MIE Trainer 2-day Academy in Edinburg, Tx (F2F) POSTPONED

San Antonio

  • Thu, 31: Sharing TCEA at UTSA


Tue, 15; 4:00-4:45pm: Free Resources for Teachers

July, 2017


  • Sat, 8: Travel to Galveston for TCEA Board Meeting
  • Sun, 9: Present at TCEA Board Meeting


  • Tue, 11: TCEA Makers - 3D Printing


  • Sat, 15: Travel to Arlington for Tots & Technology
  • Sun-Tue, 16-18: Tots & Technology - Arlington

San Antonio

  • Fri, 21: TCEA MIE at Education Service Center, Region 20 (8:30am - 3:30pm)

San Angelo

  • Mon, 24: Travel to San Angelo
  • Tue, 25: OPD (MG) Area 15-Technology Learning Extravaganza


  • Thu, 27: Chromebook Academy
  • Fri, 28: Chromebook Academy

June, 2017

Sulphur Springs:

  • Wed, 7: Travel to Sulphur Springs
  • Thu, 8: OPD MIE 1-day Academy Sulphur Springs (F2F)


  • Sat, 10: Travel to Galveston
  • Sun, 11: Tue, 13: Tots & Tech at Galveston (F2F)

CANCELLED - Thu, 15: Productivity Tools for Administrators at TCEA (F2F)

College Station:

  • Sun, 18: Travel to College Station ISD
  • Mon, 19: College Station ISD

Adobe Academy at TCEA (F2F)

  • Tue, 20
  • Wed, 21

ISTE Conference in San Antonio

  • Fri, 23-Wed, 28: ISTE Conference & Setup at San Antonio
  • Fri, 23: Telecommuting
  • Sat, 24: Show up at 7:00 AM, req'd by 8:00 AM
  • Sun, 25: Meet up with WF,SM,DJ at Rosario's San Pedro at 8pm
  • Mon, 26:
  • Session: Awesome PBL Happens with Microsoft (B212), 10:00–11:00 am
  • Tue, 27:
  • Session: Using Microsoft OneNote to Support ELL Students (B316), 12:15–1:15 pm

May, 2017

May, 2017

  • Wed, 10: PBL Resources and Ideas (webinar)
  • Fri, 12: Tech Leadership Academy: IoT
  • Wed, 17: Apps and Ideas for Making Learning Accessible for All Students (webinar)
  • 19-20 - Robotics at Hutto ISD
  • Tue, 23: SketchUp Pro from 4-5pm (webinar)
  • Wed, 31: Getting Up to Speed with Drones (lunch webinar)

April, 2017

  • Wed, 19: Windows Tips and Tricks (webinar)
  • Wed, 19 - Fri, 21: GCT Bootcamp