About Miguel

A candle loses none of its light when it lights another.

As an educator, technology has enabled me to achieve the light a candle time and again. Knowing how to move ahead when others wonder what to do next involves doing a lot reading and reflecting. At no time like before, people like you and me can share ideas, build online communities, and construct their own professional learning networks (PLN). Start building your network now by reading this article- The Twitter Experience: Addicted to Learning.

As a writer and speaker, as well as Director in K-12 EdTech settings, I have had ample opportunities to interact with others through my work. Since there are so many folks who have read that work online and in print, I like to think that together, we all form a community of learners committed to sharing ideas and knowledge with one another. In these pages, I invite you to find information and ideas that encourage and help you become a life-long learner, a learner who takes advantage of online learning experiences that are now possible.

I hope you’ll consider contributing to the richness of the learning network that is now possible. A world of learners is waiting to connect and learn with you.

Finally, remember St. Francis of Assisi's statement: "All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” Take back the night!