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Audio/Video files that have not yet been blocked/restricted.

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Audio/Video files that have been/could be blocked or restricted for some territories on YouTube.


This is the place where you can leave a tip if you like the things I share as TCDB. Membership starting from €1 and the price is adjustable. As a patron you'll get access to the original video or audio files that have been edited on YouTube to comply with copyright law or that I have uploaded only a trailer for. These uploads do not include any TCDB self promotion except the usual watermark and they're the same quality that I would upload to YouTube but one conversion less.

Scanned images and photos are hosted at Google Photos at the moment but profiles don't have public accessibility there. Only sub-folders and images can be shared.

Contribute to TCDB!

- Lend, Sell or Donate your old Cure VHS tapes *

- Transcribe or Translate videos

* I'm looking for unofficial Cure videos like home-recorded TV programs and live bootlegs