Our Students


Ruma Tahi / Room 1

This class are the tuakana of our whanau. Their kai ako is Whaea Pohoira Clay and their kai awhina is Whaea Erica Waipara. This is a tumeke class who do all sorts of interesting work. They achieve many great things that make us proud of them. They are looked to to provide tautoko, role modelling and leadership across our kura, which they do very well.

Ruma Rua / Room 2

This class are our Year 1 to 3 tamariki/mokopuna. What a bright, happy and clever bunch they are. They are learning through, and by, te reo Māori and they also speak well in English. Their kai ako is the Deputy Principal, Whaea Parani Te Moana- Foai and Roelle Togiatama is Room 2’s kai awhina.

Ruma Toru / Room 3

This class are the ‘big kids’ who learn through English medium (Auraki). They are Year 6 to 8 students and they tautoko, role model and take on responsibilities across our school. They are leaders and achievers who make us proud. Their teacher is Whaea Tania Chapman. Whaea Sue Molnar and Whaea Karra Hanara work alongside the teacher in the teaching and learning programme.

Ruma Wha / Room 4

This class are the 5 and 6 year olds in our English medium (Auraki team). They are a class of our ‘littlies’. They are a lively, lovely, happy and cute crew. They are learning many things and are so enthusiastic and keen! They have two teachers Mrs Eve Law and Mrs Anita Lambert.

Ruma Ono / Room 6

This is a class of great Year 3, 4, 5 boys and girls who are pretty ‘on to it’ in many areas of curriculum and school life. Mr Tim Brewer is their teacher, ably assisted by Māmā Tammy Thomas, Whaea Karra Hanara and Mr Harry Boam. There’s a ‘can do’ attitude in Room 6 and they are involved in all sorts of interesting mahi.