Here at Titahi Bay North we endeavour to provide a range of art and cultural experiences and learning opportunites. The Arts Learning area fosters and promotes the principles, values and key competencies found in the New Zealand curriculum and those identified by our community.

The Arts curriculum is based around four facets or disciplines.

* Dance.

* Drama.

* Music- Sound Arts.

* Visual Arts.

Each discipline is structured around four interrelated strands:

* Understanding the Arts in Context.

* Developing Practical Knowledge in the arts.

* Developing ideas in the arts.

* Communicating and Interpreting in the arts.

The arts learning area is delivered as part of integrated studies where the arts are, either:

* The primary focus of the integrated unit of work or;

* As a secondary focus of an integrated unit of work

Our school wide goals for the Arts Learning Area are

* Through a range of contexts the students will develop their skills in all areas of the arts curriculum.

* The students will develop their cooperative skills through a range of activities in all areas of the arts curriculum.

* Children will explore and experience New Zealand and the wider world around them through the arts.

* The children will explore Maori art in terms of designs and meanings.

Room 6 visited their friends at Russell Kemp retirement Village as part of their studies on 'our place and people in our community'. They entertained the residents with action songs and had made a bookmark for each resident. They spent time having nice chats together. The Russell Kemp residents loved having the children visit, enjoyed the singing and appreciated the lovely decorated bookmarks. Here is one of the waiata the children performed.