The four rooms in the main block of the school were first used in the third term of 1957 as a side school of Titahi Bay School. The children were those who would attend Titahi Bay North School when it was established as a separate school.

The school opened as Titahi Bay North School in February 1958 with eight classrooms. The school was officially opened in March of that year by the Hon Philip Skoglund MP, the then Minister of Education (1957 - 1960) in the Nash Government.

In the early 1970s Rooms 11 and 12 plus three relocatable classrooms were also in use, along with the 8 original classrooms.

In 1977 Room 4 was converted into a school library, and in 1979 the staff room was enlarged and a Physical Education store was developed. In 1982 the office was enlarged, a new room was built at the end of Room 1 and Room 5 was extended to incorporate a small office which had previously been a separate room.

The School’s Jubilee was held at Easter 1983. In 1987 Rooms 11 and 12 were removed from the school.

In 1999 the school was granted re-capitation by the Minister of Education, Nick Smith. This enabled the school to once again become a full primary school and include Year 7 and 8 students.

In 2000 a new school hall was built and Phys.Ed equipment relocated in one room there. Another room (Room 11) was purchased and installed onsite by the Board of Trustees in order to meet the growing roll.

In 2003 the school was repainted and all classrooms were upgraded.

In 2004 the toilets and cloak-bays were upgraded.

In 2005 the staffroom and foyer were upgraded.

In 2006 a new invalid bathroom was built by Room 9

In 2007 a new computer network system was installed and a web site set up.

In 2008 we celebrated the schools 50th Jubilee.

In 2009 we had the administration area upgraded and Rm.5 and the Reading Recovery Room after a fire.

In 2010 we upgraded the library and lots of classroom windows.

In 2011 we upgraded the playground and exterior of school was re-painted.

In 2011 we installed a new computer suite in Room 9 and also had a number of other computers installed in each classroom.

In 2012 the old play area in the junior block area was replaced and both play areas were painted. Also there were some footpaths upgraded.

In 2013 new fencing was installed, earthquake checks done and hall ceiling tiles replaced.

In 2014 i pads and tablets were incorporated into class programmes, learning through digital technologies was a major PD area, a new principal was appointed and planning for the rationalisation of obsolete plant was commenced. A new 3 year strategic plan (2015 – 2017) for the school was developed.

In 2015 maintenance was done on a number of areas of the school, change and development occurred to curriculum reporting and moderation approaches and some sports coaching and Pasifika tutoring programmes were added to the learning opportunities offered.

In 2016 work commenced on a refurbishment of Rooms 1 and 2. The Van Asch Deaf Education Centre will be taking over the Rm 9 and 10 block and the decommissioned dental clinic for offices for their Wellington based Resource Teacher of the Deaf team. The old pool complex would begin to become a shade house nursery for the growing of native plants for the Kahotea Stream project TBNS has become kaitiaki of. New rugby goalposts were installed by the WRFU and a new school curriculum and marau a kura were published. Weekly kapa haka lessons for auraki students were introduced.

In 2017 refurbished whanau ILE rooms were blessed and opened by Ngati Toa kaumatua Taku Parai, the school received a very good ERO report, NZCER invited TBNS to be a case study school on literacy and what is making a difference to literacy learning and achievement levels (given the very good results being achieved at TBNS), ICT equipment options were expanded and weekly school values (REIA / Te Whare Tapa Wha) cards were introduced to acknowledge ākonga who were displaying and living school values.

In 2018 TBNS celebrated its 60th birthday. We unveiled a plaque to commemorate the then Minister of Education opening the school back in 1958, had a party with people from the school community, enjoyed a lovely piece of cake and learnt a bit of what it was like back in the 1950s in the Bay. Van Asch Deaf Education Centre are taking over 2 blocks at TBNS as the office base for their Wellington regional Resource Teachers of the Deaf team, a major refurbishment of the car parking area is scheduled including the removal of the old pool complex, further classroom refurbishments are scheduled and a 4th auraki class started through roll growth.