Rules and Regulations

Think Before You Click

The following rules and regulations are applied to General Members and Bona Fide Members across all TBCPh forums, groups, pages and other mediums of interactions.

Section 1: TBCPh is committed to promoting the healthy sharing of ideas through its forums and discussions boards. Any posts, comments or replies that intends to or incites harm, discrimination, or are personal insults / personal attacks on other members or to the club as a whole are strictly prohibited.

Section 2: This is not a Hate Page, a Political Forum nor a Propaganda group. We discourage posting of hate notes towards one another and rude behaviors in general. Respect everyone! No brand bashing! No cyber bullying! No spamming and no trolling! (posting with the intent to incite or provoke an adverse response). Posts and behaviors instigating fights, threats, and misplaced angst are not tolerated.

Section 3: Outright DISRESPECT of the club, members and officers are NEVER ALLOWED.

Section 4: Always stay on topic within the thread's subject. Be objective in your comments or insights. Always promote a positive vibe. Spreading negative energy and personal rants are best done outside the forum. Personal conversations of no relevance to the forum should be done through PM.

Section 5: For the everyone's benefit, it is highly encouraged to use language that everyone can understand. English/Tagalog for example.

Section 6: Please do not use "jejemon" speak or highly contracted spelling. Avoid using all caps for entire sentences/paragraphs. This could lead to misunderstanding. Proper grammar and spelling is always appreciated.

Section 7: Threads, posts, comments, responses, profile photos or other materials in public view that are pornographic in nature are prohibited.

Section 8: Repetitive posting will not be tolerated.

Section 9: TBCPh requires all members to use accounts with proper credentials for ease of identification. Members sporting usernames or profile photos that intends to hide or anonymize their identity are not allowed. If you cannot use your real name then your intention within the group becomes questionable and will be subject for review.

Section 10: Members and partners are allowed to post ads. Ads are subject to the same rules & regulations as regular posts.

Section 11: Posting of issues, negative comments, or demeaning remarks regarding other FB Groups, organizations or clubs are not encouraged.

Section 12: Official club events, announcements, agreements, minutes of meeting, rules and policies are under the sole jurisdiction of the incumbent officers and those with official delegation. Members are required to clarify and coordinate with the officers / official delegates for any posts under this nature.

Section 13: TBCPh is not a discounts nor special treament group. Benefits extended to member by TBCPh partners are subject to the partner's discretion. However, issues with TBCPh partners should be coursed through TBCPh Officers for proper handling and if needed intervention.

Section 14: The unsanctioned use of Club assets i.e., logos, images, photos, posts, notes, etc. is prohibited. Unauthorized re-posting, reproduction and redistribution of Club assets are also disallowed. Club assets, such as but not limited to, emblems, stickers and membership card are not transferable.

Section 15: The rules and policies governing the electoral process of the TBCPh officers are detailed in the TBCPh Election Rules and Policies. Members that have been shown to undermine, sabotage and/or cheat in the election process are subject to the TBCPh's sanctions.

Post that are shown to violate any of the rules will be taken down immediately.

Members who violate any of these provisions can result in the revocation of membership upon the discretion of the incumbent officers under majority vote.