I am a PhD student at Oxford University in the algebra group supervised by Konstantin Ardakov. My interests are in p-adic representation theory and related areas. My CV is available here.

Email: first.last@maths.ox.ac.uk


Equivariant Vector Bundles with Connection on Drinfeld Symmetric Spaces In preparation, available on request.

Line Bundles on The First Drinfeld Covering arXiv: 2307.12942.


The Picard Group of Vertex Affinoids in the First Drinfeld Covering Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Volume 175, Issue 2, Sept. 2023, Pages 423-432. Journal Version. arXiv: 2111.09746.

Real Representations of C_2-Graded Groups: The Linear and Hermitian Theories (with D.Rumynin) Higher Structures, Volume 6, Issue 1, July 2022, Pages 359-374. Journal Version. arXiv: 2008.07846. 

Real Representations of C_2-Graded Groups: The Antilinear Theory  (with D.Rumynin) Linear Algebra and its Applications, Volume 610, Feb. 2021, Pages 135-168. Journal Version. arXiv: 2006.09765.  Errata.