What You'll Need to File Your Taxes

It's time to file your 2018 Tax Returns and a lot has Changed. We're Ready and we've put this list together to help You get ready. IRS Efile is Now Open, but by Law most parents won't see their refunds until the End of February due to an old Obama Administration law that is still in effect. Read More about Delay for Parents here.

All Filers, including Prior Clients must have the following:

  • Valid, Unexpired Government ID Card such as a Passport, Drivers License, State ID or Military ID
  • Proof of Social Security Number (may include Prior Tax Return, Government 1099 forms or FAFSA docs
  • Proof of Medical Insurance for 2018 (Yes, you were Still required to have Medical in 2018). The Zero-Penalty Trump plan begins in 2019 which you won't be filing until next year, 2020.
  • Proof of Address for the Taxpayer (required if different from address on ID provided) could include W-2, 1099 Forms, Medical Docs or School Docs

Claiming Dependent Children? You'll also need

  • Proof of Dependent Social Security Card
  • Proof of Address for Dependents MUST include Medical Docs (including Medicaid/Public Aid) and Also School Docs that Must be dated in 2018.
  • For younger children, Hospital/Medical Clinic docs may be used and these documents must also be dated in 2018.

Beginning in 2018 these items are no longer deductible for W-2 Employees:

  • Work Expenses
  • Employee Moving Expenses including Union Dues, Uniforms, Tools, etc.
  • Tax Return Preparation Fees
  • Alimony Paid (unless the Order was entered before 2018)
  • Legal Expenses
  • Uninsured Losses (except in Federal Disasters)
  • Home Equity Loans (2nd Mortgages)