2019 Tax Refund Advance Loans

Qualify to get Cash even before filing the return and before those W-2/1099 forms arrive or apply when you file and qualify to get up to $6,000!

Some taxpayers may qualify to receive a portion of their estimated 2018 tax refund upfront well before they can even file the returns while they may have not even received their 2018 W-2 or 1099 forms.

Several equal opportunity lenders and options exist for this program and while the approval is not credit based, odds and amounts are greater for those that filed a tax return electronically last year and timely received their entire refund. Valid ID required. There is no fee or impact on your credit when you inquire or apply for these programs. Contact us for details. Just call/text: (773) 282-3200

You can get started now using using the MyCTS.app or call/text us to start the process by phone. IRS Tax Filing begins January 29, 2019 and in-office appointments begin Monday January 14, 2019 but you can save time be booking your appointment now on the MyCTS.app or by clicking here to Book an Appointment.

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