Received an IRS/State Notice?

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After Tax Season: Limited Days/Hours and all services by Appointment Only!

IRS and State Notices tend to arrive AFTER the Tax Season, most arrive late in the year.

If you receive a State or IRS Letter, Tax Bill or Notice here’s what you need to do:

If CTS prepared the returns in question and you want to make sure you are covered by our Timely Filing & Accuracy Guarantee you must submit a copy of all pages of the notice, letter or bill to us within 10 days of receipt but no later than 15 days from the date on the bill, letter or notice for review by us Before contacting the IRS or State agency. You can Fax, Email or Picture Message the copies to us..

If faxing Send fax to (855) 282-8919 or Email to Docs

Don’t have a PC or Scanner? Take Pictures of the pages using your Smart Phone. You can them email using your Smart Phone to us.