Reissue Copies of Tax Returns

We can help you obtain copies of filed tax documents regardless of where you prepared your return or in some cases, even if you have not yet filed.

Fees and certain processing and waiting periods apply.

Current Year 2018 copies: $20.00 - Allow Approx 24 Hours

Previous Year 2017 copies: $25.00 - Allow 2 to 5 Days

Archived Years: 2012 to 2016: $30.00 - Allow up to Seven (7) Days

Fees and processing/waiting periods apply to all requests, including returns filed by our office. Please note that Only the tax return documents that we provided to you, or filed on your behalf are available through this page or in our office. Documents that you provided to us such as ID cards, social security cards or 1099/W2 forms are generally not be included in the reissued packet.

Zelle (a.k.a QuickPay) and Cash App (a.k.a Square Cash) are our Preferred ePayment Methods: Same as Cash, but much Safer!