First, Here's what You'll Need!

Scroll down - You'll need to have these Before Scheduling

We can e-file 2019, '18 & '17 taxes!

All Filers must provide the following:

  • Valid Unexpired Gov't-issue Photo ID
  • Proof of Soc. Sec # (or T.I.N.)
  • Copy of W-2, 1099 and income docs.
  • Received Unemployment? Click Here

Claiming Dependents, Deductions, School, Real Estate? Scroll down.

Claiming Dependent Children?

  • Proof of Each child's SS#
  • Written Proof of Address (ex: School, Medical, Daycare, Insurance Co).
  • Proof of School/Daycare paid

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Rideshare / Meal Drivers Need:

  • Form 1099Misc & 1099K
  • Annual Tax Summary (Uber)
  • Written list/totals of work expenses

Homeowners will need:

  • Closing Statement (if bought, sold or financed in 2019)
  • 1098 form from each lender
  • Property Tax Bills (Paid in 2019)

Rented out a property you own?

  1. Homeowner's Insurance paid
  2. Water Bill & Utilities paid
  3. Property Maintenance Expenses
  4. Property repair expenses
  5. Rental unit Improvements
  6. Rental Appliances Purchased
  7. Total Rents Received in 2019

College/Trade School Students

  • 1098-T form (Tuition Statement)

Most often found on Student Portal. Contact the Business Office for help

  • Tuition Payment Ledger/Account Summary for the Calendar Year

Most often found on Student Portal. Contact the Business Office for help

W-2 workers may No Longer claim:

  • Job Costs: Tools, Uniform, Union, miles, parking, phone*
  • Moving Expenses
  • Tax Return Preparation Fees
  • Alimony (unless it began before 2018)
  • Legal Fees
  • Uninsured Loss (except Fed. Disasters)
  • Most Home Equity/2nd Loans

Renew or Apply for an I.T.I.N.

A Valid Passport is all you'll need for Each I.T.I.N. Applicant

Don't have a Passport? You can still apply, but you'll need need:

  • Official Birth Certificate and
  • a photo ID such as:
  1. National ID Card (ex: Matricula)
  2. U.S. Driver's License or State ID
  3. children under 6 need Medical Records
  4. Children 6 to age 17: School Records

We can e-file 2019, '18 & '17 taxes!