Rebuilding Credit

Safely & Quickly Build your Credit Now

Thinking about purchasing a home? Get a head start and start building your credit today!

We recommend secured accounts. Secured accounts are the safest way to use credit because your debt is 100% backed by funds you deposit.

This guide is designed to walk you thru the process. Scroll down for a Printer-Friendly version of these instructions.

For those seeking to quickly build credit and set aside funds for the home purchase or other projects, start with the Credit Union loan secured by funds that are placed in a Savings Account. This requires a visit to the credit union. Call (773) 278-8660 for locations. You may be able to use another credit union, but likely will not have the flexibility provided by this particular account.

Open the Savings (Shares) Account with at least $2,000. Once the account is opened, have them set up a "Share-Secured Loan" for the same $2,000 on a 36 month term. If 36 months is not available, then set up a 24 month with payment auto-debited from the Savings account.

Next, set up TWO Secured Credit Cards of your choosing- each with a at least a $500 deposit/credit line.

You may be able to set up some of these accounts Online.

You can do this in person at these local banks:

TCF Bank Bank - Call 1-800-TCF-Bank for locations

First Midwest Bank - Call 1-800-322-3623 for locations

Wells Fargo Bank - Call 1-847-588-2700

3.) You can apply for this one online and pretty much be Guaranteed Approval

Open Sky Credit Card