Innsamlet data

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The collected data

This data was collected in late 2003 and early 2004 in Nyschuru council of the Chiweshe communal land. The Nyschuru council consists of 17 villages and is a good representations of how the situation is in most of the rural areas of Zimbabwe. Some places it is better, some places worse. It is an attempt to document how many children that are missing one or both of their parents, and are dependent of support in order to survive.

Caregivers are either widows, grandmothers or sisters taking care of any number of children. Lone fathers are not documented. We soon realised that we should have included many more in the documentation, but did not have time or resources to start over again. The actual number of 'women alone' might be twice as high.

Interviewing a young widow.

*One kitchen hut may be shared by several families, but is a fair representation of the size of the village.

  • Selfprovided children: 10
  • Grandmothers: 66.8 %
  • No toilets: 44.7 %
  • Blair toilets: 55.3 %
  • Tap water: 0.0 %