Upcoming Courses

Unlocking the Bible: Keys for Understanding Today

The Tarsus Scripture School's summer course returns this year in person at St Patrick's Pontifical University in Maynooth. The course will also be available online.

Dates: June 12th-16th 2023
Cost: €50 per in-person attendee
€50 per household livestreaming

What Each Course Involves

Each course features a number of presentations, all of which are made available on the date the course goes live and are to be enjoyed at your own pace. Notes for each presentation are provided, sometimes with additional resources.

In addition to the presentations, each course also features live Zoom webinars which are recorded* and made available should you be unable to attend. These webinars are either a panel discussion wherein participants may type questions to the presenters, or meditation webinars where the presenters offer a guided reading of biblical texts through prayer and music.

* Note that neither video nor audio from the participants are recorded, only the presenters.

Webinar Example: Holy Week & Easter Mediation 2023