Tarras Primary School is a modern, connected, rural, year 1 – 8 primary school located approximately half way between Wanaka and Cromwell in the heart of sunny Central Otago. Tarras School prides itself on its student achievement across all curriculum areas, its friendly family atmosphere and its supportive close knit community.

At Tarras School all our students are encouraged to excel and to make the most of their abilities and a wide range of opportunities including local and national competitions. Tarras School is extremely well resourced and has incredible support from the Friends of Tarras School who fund a second teacher for half of each day to support the targeted delivery of the core curriculum subjects of reading, writing and mathematics in the junior school.

At Tarras School we are educating our students today for the future that they will be living in tomorrow. We emphasise the key competencies in our teaching and learning and foster our students abilities to manage themselves, to relate positively to others, to participate and contribute and to think and problem solve, as well as being able to express themselves clearly and competently in a range of mediums.

We believe that Tarras school provides a range of opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere and we invite you to come and see our school in action.