- check target gift card balance

If you want to give birthdays, Christmas, or any other gifts to your friends or family, target gift cards will be an easy and useful way to accomplish this. For the gifts, you must have some balance on your card to make a purchase. But how can you know the amount you have on your card

The target gift card balance will not be written anywhere on the card. However, you cannot know the remaining amount with only having the card. If you want to check your gift card balance, you can go to the website and check your credit online. You also can check the balance via the support of the phone number provided by the target. 

In this article, we will discuss these two methods and how you can see the balance using these two ways.

Check the Balance via provides a way to check the gift card balance on its website to ease the customers. For this, you need a step-by-step guide on the process. We have provided the following guide for you. Follow all the points and check the balance. 

The first thing you have to do is go to the site. It has made a specific page on their site only to check the balance on the card. Head towards that page after reaching the site.

After loading the page, you have to fill in some information to get access. You have two boxes to put the correct information. For the information, see the backside of your card. Here, you can see a 15-digit number under the barcode—Scratch the silver strip to see the number. Now, enter this 15-digit card number in the box showing the title "card number."

Now click the second box where the page requires the card's access number. You can have the access number from the gift card. It is mentioned under the card number and consists of eight numbers. Fill the second box with this eight-digit access or PIN.

After filling both the boxes accurately, check again to see if you have entered the exact numbers. Now click on the check balance button, and it will show you how much balance you have on your card.

Check Balance via the Support Number

To check credit via support number, you should have a primary guide to follow. We have provided some points to discuss all the steps in detail. Follow each step accurately to check credit via the target's support number. 

The first thing you have to do in this method is to call the target's support number, 1-800-544-2943. On dialing this number, you'll be redirected towards an automated call where you can check your gift card balance by following its direction. 

When the automated call starts, you'll hear a recording that provides you with a list of options to choose from them. You should choose option 1 because it will further tell you about the gift card balance information. So, press the 1 on hearing different options.

Now a recording related to the balance on your card will play to guide you about the next step. If you want to know about the target gift card balance, you have to put in the card number. When it says to type the number, dial it by seeing behind the card. Dial all the digits accurately with proper focus. The recording also guides you to type "04" before dialing the card number. The prompt also says to hit the pound sign after writing the card number with 04 to keep yourself towards the balance. 

After dialing the card number and the pound sign, listen to the prompt carefully. Now, it will ask about the access number of the gift card to forward you towards your card balance. Like the website process, it will ask for the information you have to provide to see the balance on your card. Enter your gift card's access number by seeing it on the backside of the card under the card number. Enter the access number by dialing the digital pad.

After completing all the steps mentioned above, listen to the prompt carefully. After verifying, it will check the given numbers and tell you about your payment. Listen to your gift card's number and note on the backside of the card. As it will not repeat the amount, you have to listen carefully and write it down on the card to remember. 

Thus, you can check balance by following one of the above ways. You can make purchases according to your balance for your family or friends. If you cannot find the card number during the process, you will have only one way to check the balance. You can go to the physical store with your card and let them check it. Still, you need the access number to let them check. 

check target gift card balance

Go to Target's gift voucher balance page. Target's site has a page explicitly gave to permitting you to check the equilibrium of a gift voucher. Go to voucher adjust and enter your gift voucher data to check its equilibrium. target gift card balance

l Enter the card number. At the point when the page loads, you'll see two boxes to type in. Take a gander at the rear of your gift voucher. The 15-digit card number is under the card's scanner tag. Type this number into the "card number" box. Make certain to type it precisely, including runs.

l You may need to scratch off a silver strip to uncover the card number. 

l Type in the entrance number. The second box on the check balance page expects you to type the gift voucher's entrance number. Discover the entrance number found straightforwardly under the card number. Type the eight-digit access number into the predefined box. 

l Snap the "check balance" button. After you type the card number and the entrance number into the right boxes, twofold watch that the two numbers are right. At that point click on "check balance" to affirm the equilibrium on your card. This will consequently show your equilibrium. 

l In the event that you would prefer not to check your gift voucher balance on the web, call the Gift Card Support line. Dialing this number takes you to a robotized recording which permits you to check the card balance

l At the point when your call goes through, a recorded voice will reply and give you a rundown of alternatives. Your first alternative is to squeeze 1 on the off chance that you need to check a gift voucher balance. 

l Tune in to the brief and type in your card number when you are coordinated to do as such. Take a gander at the rear of your gift voucher for the number. The voice brief says to begin the number with "04" and to hit the pound sign after the card number. 

l Keep tuning in to the brief. In the event that it requests your card's entrance number, enter it utilizing the numbers on your telephone. The entrance number is an eight-digit code situated under the card number. 

l Subsequent to adhering to the directions for entering the entrance number, the voice brief will perceive your gift voucher's ID numbers and disclose to you the gift voucher's equilibrium. When you hear the equilibrium, compose it on the rear of the card to help you recall.