Special events can't happen without support from volunteers! There are lots of small jobs that happen behind the scenes and some can be done entirely from home. Many don't take much time. Often it's as simple as taking a flyer to be printed, spending a couple of hours putting labels on envelopes, or picking up a few cases of water or juice at Costco. From stuffing information packets at the beginning of the school year, to hosting Goodies with Grandpa and Dad, to counting Box Tops donations, to assembling the yearbook, to putting on the Spring Carnival and Safety Fair, volunteers are the ones that make possible the events that make students' time at Tapteal special.

Events that happen throughout the school year:

  • Newsletter (1 chairperson)--All year
  • Yokes Community Card eScript (1 chairperson)--All year
  • Restaurant Nights (1 chairperson)--All year
  • Movie Night (1 chairperson, 1 volunteer)*--Three to four times a year
  • Skate Night (1 chairperson)--Several times a year
  • Box Tops (1 chairperson, volunteers)--Three to four times a year
  • Yearbook (1 chairperson, volunteers)*--All year
  • Membership (1 chairperson)*--All year
  • Volunteer Coordinator (1 chairperson)--All year
  • Legislative (1 volunteer)--Attend meetings, all year

Events that happen once a year (some events require planning weeks or months ahead of the actual event):

  • Jog-A-Thon (1 chairperson or planning committee, 20+ volunteers)*--August, September, October
  • Scholastic Book Fair (1 chairperson, 10+ volunteers)*--October, February
  • Reflections (1 chairperson)--February, September, October
  • Coat and Food Drive (1 chairperson, volunteers)--November
  • Goodies for Grandpa and Dad (1 chairperson, 8-10 volunteers)*--October
  • Goodies for Grandma and Mom (1 chairperson, 8-10 volunteers)*--February, March
  • Craft Night (1 chairperson or planning committee, 15-20+ volunteers)*--November, December
  • PTA Officer Nominating Committee (3 volunteers)--January
  • Talent Show (1 chairperson, volunteers to sell concessions)*--December, January
  • Sack it to Goodwill (1 chairperson, volunteers)--April
  • Spring Carnival (1 chairperson or planning committee, 20+ volunteers)*--April, May
  • Bike and Safety Fair (1 chairperson or planning committee, 20+ volunteers)--April, May
  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation (2 co-chairs, volunteers)--April, May
  • Financial Review (3 volunteers)--June

*These events may involve cashiering or counting donations. Volunteers must be PTA members to handle money. Non-PTA members can volunteer for jobs that do not require money handling.

In accordance with RCW 43.43 .830 (Regulatory Code of Washington), Richland School District is required to register all volunteers and perform a background check through the Washington State Patrol. View the online volunteer application.

All information will be kept confidential.

Please note that the processing of your volunteer application may take up to ten days to complete. Your application must be renewed each school year.

Visit to register as a volunteer or update your existing registration.