How to us the Mama Magic Journal

I created this journal as a growth mindset resource for improving my journey through motherhood. I have always been very intentional about following time management and personal growth tools to support my pursuit of my passions and my desire to be continually learning in my role as a mother.

In the pages of many of the personal development resources I've studied, there is always a strong emphasis on measuring progress. From smart goals to 90 day action plans, there is always an element of identifying a benchmark by assessing your current level of activity and/or behaviour, followed by a period of tracking and closing with a reflection and reassessment period.

When I started my podcast in May of 2021, it occurred to me, that many tools for growth ask us to think about what we want for ourselves in the area of "family" or "relationships" but there wasn't a specific resource (that I've seen) with a purpose of intentional motherhood. If you're looking to grow as a mom, the Mama Magic Journal will help you to discover patterns, explore your strengths and celebrate your unique mama magic along the way.

The most important message I want to share about how to use this journal, is that each and every question should be answered through the lens of motherhood. With so many moving pieces in your day, and so many different roles you embody, this journal can easily become a notepad for all the things. No, this written space is reserved for your journey towards mindful mothering.

Below you will find the sections of the journal and how to best use them

Today's Message to Myself: A chance to mother yourself. Let your inner voice guide you. The truth is, you know exactly what you need to hear. What to do: Take a moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and envision yourself as the mother you wish to be and ask yourself "what do I need?" Then write down

Morning Intention: Set intention for who you want to be as a mama today and Why that is imporatant to you! Explore anything that might trip you up. Set an expectation about how you want to feel at the end of the day.

To-do: Often as we journal our intention, ideas, to-dos and reminders come to mind. Jot them down and check them off as you get them done. I've add your morning intention and evening reflection for you!

Special Moments & Gratitude: Write down those heart-warming moments we experience daily - don't take them for granted a moment longer. When your child says something full of wisdom - take note. Appreciation is a master skill of life. When you spend the day looking for all the things you have to be grateful for... life is so much more AMAZING. Write your daily gratitude here. (I often do this at the end of the day)

Evening Reflection: A chance to assess how you showed up today, what you learned, what you're proud of and what the best version of yourself would say about it all.

Mama Mindset Scorecard: Rate your day 1 to 5 to measure if you upheld your PACT to mother mindfully. Track your score daily then add them up at the end of the week. You can score up to 105 points for a week of mindful mothering. You should continually work to increase your daily and weekly scores.
1 = meh, not the best
5= doing great!

Presence: Be fiercely interested in what your child has to say. Be undistracted when communicating, playing or spending time with them. Find ways to build more connection in to your days.

Appreciation: Gratitude is integral to staying present and mindful. Increase the time you spend looking for the good in your life as a mother, and share those insights with your family. Decrease the time you spend complaining about mothering.

Clarity: Unmet expectations are the cause of most disappointment. Be clear with your family about what you need today to be the best version of yourself. Keep your Why at the peak of your sight.

Transformation: The PACT Method for mindful mothering is really just asking you to make changes to your behaviours. Building new behaviours takes time, but one way to accelerate it, is to behave the way the mother you desire to be would behave. Eventually, you will become her.

Today's Mama Magic: Write down any messages, lessons or advice you gave your child today that can be turned inward for your own personal growth.

Shine on mama,