About Me

I am a proud product of the Poudre School District. I attended Linton Elementary School, Preston Junior High School, and Fossil Ridge High School. It was while I was in Junior High that I developed my life long love with Science. This love was fostered by some particularly excellent teachers including: Mr. Prebble, Mr. Wright, and Mrs. Ahermae. Due to these teachers I will never underestimate the amount of influence that a teacher can have on a student. While at Fossil Ridge High School I continued to develop my interest in science, and decided that I wanted to become a medical doctor.

Being a life long Wyoming Cowboy's fan, Go Pokes!, I set off to College at the University of Wyoming to study Physiology. My Physiology adviser, Dr. Margaret Flanagan Skinner, at Wyoming was a phenomenal professor. Apart from teaching her science classes she was an expert on teaching methods. She now is in charge of training professor's on how to deliver better lessons for students. After I finished top in my class in her Human Systems Physiology class, she asked me to teach the lab session for the class the following semester. I was terrified, I was a 19 year old teaching students who were, in some cases, Doctoral candidates for the College of Pharmaceuticals. I loved teaching, and Meg, thought I was good at it. She is the person who encouraged me to become an educator. While at Wyoming I also earned a Minor in Anthropology, I got to learn about ancient cultures, and actually hold the bones of ancient people. I am ecstatic to be able to teach about Ancient civilizations in the Western hemisphere this year.

My adviser Dr. Margaret Flanigan Skinner and Me on my graduation night.

After Wyoming I came back home to earn a Teaching License from Colorado State University. The summer before I started my Student teaching at Rocky Mountain High School, I got married at my Family's Cabin in the Bighorn Mountains. My wife and I have a six year old lab-border collie mix and our daughter Peyton will be turning one this September. I spent my first 3 years teaching in Thompson School District, and feel very fortunate to be starting my third year of teaching in Poudre School District. I look forward to a wonderful year of teaching students who are so full of potential.