Tanja's Treats


About me

My name is Tanja Duncan, and I am a self-taught baker. My passion is made from scratch, homemade sweet breads and Bundts. I love taking a recipe, tweaking it to give it my own personal touch, and sharing it with others.

I always watched my Mamaw and Granny cook and was in awe at how they could make cooking look so easy and taste so wonderful. As I got older, they let me help them while learning:

  • You don’t always have to follow the recipe to the letter and exact measuring is really never exact;

  • A slice of cake and a cup of coffee will always turn a bad day good;

  • Working from sunrise to sunset will not kill you;

  • You make it with love, bake it with love, serve it with love and you will never go wrong!

My grandmothers are my inspiration and even though they are not here with me today, I know they are watching over me and guiding me. My love for baking, along with their inspiration, created Tanja’s Treats. I hope to make them proud with every loaf and cake I make.

My wish is that you enjoy my treats as much as I enjoyed baking them for you.

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