Internet of Tangible Things

Workshop at CHI'18 -

Montréal, Canada • April 21, 2018

You can find our published workshop proposal in the CHI EA '18 proceedings by clicking here

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) brings abundant new opportunities to create more functionally complex tangible user interfaces that capitalize on intuitive, reality-based interaction. However, with these new opportunities come new challenges; little is still known how to best design tangible IoT interfaces that simultaneously provide engaging experiences and foster a sense of understanding about the often complex functionality of IoT systems. How best to map previous taxonomies of tangible interaction properties onto the properties of IoT systems? This workshop will bring together a community of researchers from the IoT and from tangible interaction, in order to discuss how parallels between tangible interaction properties and the properties of IoT systems can best be capitalised on as HCI research moves increasingly toward the Internet of Tangible Things (IoTT). Through discussion and hands-on activity, the workshop will function as a springboard for the community to begin building new taxonomies of design considerations for the emerging IoTT.