We maintain honey bee hives across Talbot County and the Midshore, with our focus on sustaining naturally healthy bee colonies. With the current complex stresses on the honey bee population, it takes lots of dedication, education and hard work to keep our hives healthy and producing honey, wax and pollen as pure and natural as is possible.

Our hives are located in areas that reduce exposure to contamination from agricultural chemicals, and we use the most natural methods available when treating our hives for health issues.

As honey bees colonies obtained from our local area are best adapted to flourish here, we add to our hive population with feral colonies that we have captured locally as swarms or have removed from local houses, buildings and trees. These feral colonies have a well established genetic predisposition to thrive in our unique Midshore ecosystem.

We are pleased that the plight of the honey bees has gained national attention - at the same time as awareness of the medicinal and nutritional qualities of honey are being rediscovered. However, fraudsters are now working overtime to capitalize on the increased demand for honey; a lot of the "honey" now sold in supermarkets is technically syrup, containing none of the pollen or enzymes found in raw honey.

The real deal: buy local honey,