Course Number: GACS-7401-003

Course Name: Introduction to Operations Research

Course Description

This course provides a broad focus on algorithmic and practical implementation of Operations Research (OR) techniques, using theory, applications, and computations to teach students the basics of both deterministic and probabilistic decision making. It introduces linear programming and emphasizes its underlying mathematical structures, algorithms, and solutions of practical programs. Topics covered include: formulations and relaxations, the geometry of linear optimization, convexity analysis, duality theory, the simplex method, sensitivity analysis, constrained and unconstrained optimization methods, robust optimization, network flows, semi-definite optimization, nonlinear optimization, heuristic programming, game and decision theory, Markov chains and queuing systems. At the end of the course, students will be able to solve real world problems using optimization software tools. Students will also take on insightful reading activities on interesting applications of integer programming in computer science. The course involves a group project in which students apply the acquired knowledge in OR in the field of computer science. The course is a great asset for students willing to pursue research in computer science.

Lecture Notes

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Course Outline

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Chapter 1

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AMPL Manual

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Chapter 2

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Project Evaluation


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Assignment 1

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