TAK Service Provider Directory

Looking for a TAK service provider? We have compiled a list of service providers that work with TAK.

Systems Integrators
Subject Matter Experts
TAK Server Providers and Projects

Systems Integrators (Plugins, Hardware, etc.)

Companies and SME's that provide Hardware and Software Integration with the Team Awareness Kit ecosystem.

Subject Matter Experts

TechLink Licensees (Mar 2018)

List of TechLink Android Team Awareness Kit Licensees
(Copied from CivTAK.org - Mar, 2018)

TAK Server Providers and Projects

Service Providers and Open Source Projects that enable networked Team Awareness Kit capability.

Platform Providers and Projects

  • Pixia - PIXIA Corp provides geospatial capabilities to include imagery and mapping for ATAK among other third party tools utilizing TAKTICs and HiPERDRIVEs. - pixia.com

  • Tech Maven Geospatial - techmaven.net

Not on this list? Head on over to the TAK Discord Community / #vendorcorner to get listed!