Taking Care of Your Teeth with No Dental Supplies

Running short of dental supplies and then facing inability to get the new ones sounds pretty unlikely. But, there can be a number of situations in which you may actually find yourself facing these circumstances. For instance, a hiking tour or a camping adventure that would be based on a number of days may not allow you to keep your dental supplies running for the full duration.

In such situations, an easy solution is to use your own t-shirt as you can put the cloth on your finger and then use it to clean your gums and teeth. However, this method may not remain effective in the long run. You don’t want your teeth to develop cavity. So, you will have to find better alternatives when it comes to taking care of your dental and oral health.

Since you do not have dental supplies, you will need to look around you in order to find something that can help you keep your teeth and gums clean. There are a lot of natural items which can provide help.

Chewing stick

You will need to find a tree which would have fibrous branches. It wouldn’t be very difficult to find one. Now, you will need to break off a twig having the size of a toothbrush. Now, you will need to fray one side of the twig by chewing it. This chewed part can now be used as a toothbrush. One thing that you may find interesting here is that this way of cleaning teeth is still popular in many cultures around the world. There are a lot of trees which have the natural chemical composition to provide amazing results when their twigs are used for dental cleaning this way.

Small bones

When you are on a hunting tour for a number of days, it is very possible for you to run out of your dental supplies. While you can use twig as toothbrush, you may want to find something that would resemble a toothpick. For this purpose, you can use small bones from the birds you would hunt.


Water is something without which you cannot survive. No matter how deep you are into the woods, you will have to make sure that you have enough water to ensure your survival. Here, you also have to make sure that the amount of water allows you to take care of your dental and oral hygiene. Normally, you will be able to find clean water for drinking deep into the woods.

Be careful about the foods you eat

When you are on an adventurous tour, chances are you are not going to get emergency dental care during any phase of that trip. So, you will have to make sure that you are not eating any foods which can be problematic for your teeth. Fruits with higher acidity levels and foods that can get stuck between the teeth should be avoided.