Chocolate Boxes: A New Take on a Box of Chocolates

Boxes of chocolates are popular gifts given to loved ones, classmates and even friends, but you can take the concept of a box of chocolates further by making a chocolate box! Chocolate boxes are one of the many types of candy boxes that can be filled with jewelry, chocolate or other small gifts to creating a lasting impression on your loved one. While chocolate boxes look impressive and complex, they're actually fairly easy to create. So, get ready to learn how to create your very own chocolate box in this tutorial.

What You Need:

The below ingredients and supplies will make three 2-inch boxes or one 5-inch box.

  • 12 ounces chocolate candy coating, such as candy melts or tempered chocolate.
  • Decorations such as chocolate roses, chocolate monograms, or chocolate curls.
  • Parchment or wax paper
  • 10 X 15 baking sheet
  • Spatula
  • Microwave Safe Bowl
  • Sharp knife
  • Ruler
  • Paintbrush
  • Candy thermometer (only if tempering your own chocolate)
  • Double Boiler (only if tempering your own chocolate)


Take your 10X15 baking sheet and line it with parchment or wax paper and then set it aside.

Getting Started

If you're tempering your own chocolate, that's your first step. Tempering chocolate, while not hard, isn't the easiest option for a beginner. Although, we aren't going over tempering chocolate here, to do so involves heating the chocolate to a specific temperature in a double boiler and then spreading it on a cool surface and moving it until you have the tempered product. Tempering is required to keep the chocolate snappy and shiny and to keep it from getting soft as it warms up.

For this reason, we recommend using candy coatings, which don't taste as good, but they're easy to work with, don't require tempering, and stay firm in warm conditions. To use candy coatings, simply melt them in the microwave until smooth.

Next, take your baking sheet and spread your coatings or tempered chocolate onto the sheet. Spread the chocolate with a spatula to evenly coal the pan. The chocolate should spread out nearly to the edges. You want your coatings to be between1/4-1/8 inch thick. Once your chocolate is spread, tap the sheet a few times gently on the counter to even out the chocolate further and to release any trapped air bubbles.

The next step is to score your chocolate so that it's easy to create the shape of a box. To do this, we need to cool the chocolate down enough to make it firm, but still malleable. Try placing your chocolate in the refrigerator for 4-5 minutes to get this result.

Once you have the chocolate cool, but still malleable, take the ruler and your sharp knife and create score lines. If you want to make the three smaller boxes, you'll want to make 18 2-inch squares. If you want the larger box, you'll want to make six 5-inch squares. Six pieces creates a whole box, whereas five pieces will create a box without a top, this is sometimes desirable to display things in. In addition, don't feel confined to the 2-inch or 5-inch boxes, you can create whatever size your heart desires as long as you have enough chocolate! The chocolate coatings can always be re-melted and molded if you mess up at this stage!

Once you've cut the chocolate to the size you want, place the tray back into the refrigerator and let it cool until it is completely set at which point you'll want to break your chocolate into pieces, and place them aside.

Take your chocolate scraps and place them in a bowl to be re-melted in the microwave. This is going to be your glue to hold your walls together. Once they're melted and smooth, place the bottom of your box on a piece of parchment or wax paper and use your paintbrush to brush the melted chocolate onto a wall piece sticking the two pieces together. Hold the pieces until the coating sets and you have your first side! Repeat this process with a second piece, filling in the side seams with chocolate after it sets to the base. Continue until you have all four walls attached to your bottom and then fill in any cracks with melted chocolate. If you're planning on sealing a gift inside the box, now would be the time to place your item in the box, and then add your lid on top! Also, if you plan on decorating any of the pieces, you can use your melted chocolate as a glue to attach the decoration BEFORE putting that piece onto the box. Lastly, take your melted chocolate and fill in any remaining cracks or imperfections to create a smooth and beautiful finish and you're done! Remember when handling your box, your fingers can leave marks on the chocolate so be very careful in handling the pieces!

Remember if you used tempered chocolate you will to refrigerator your box, and if you used candy coatings, it will need to be kept cool (but not necessarily refrigerated). You now have a beautiful chocolate box ready to give to your loved one!