With innovative precision machinery technology and rich experiences in production optimization, Taiwan plastic machine makers will deliver you overall manufacturing solutions to improve efficiency and flexibility of production.

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Tony Wu

Sales Support Engineer


CHUMPOWER MACHINERY CORP. With 35 years of development, has becoming the largest leading brand that accounts for 85% of the PET blow molding machine exports in Taiwan. Over 3000 PET blow molding machines from CHUMPOWER are sold to 103 countries around global, has becoming one of the biggest two-step PET blow molding machine manufacturer in Asia-Pacific.

In the trend of industry 4.0, Chumpower's staff attended conference abroad to learn new knowledge and update production equipments. import automation and advanced IT technology actively. At the same time, the company transforms over 40 years of production experiences to its extensive database, improve production processes and qualities, maintain the skills are leader of industry and innovations continually.

1. Special screw design able to yeild high plastication quality, suitable for processing wide range of plastic material, helpful in creating value in enviromental conservation.

2. Able to integrate Chumpower's intelligent edge computing plateform and support active preventative maintenance feature.

3. Featuring Chumpower patented high safety, speed, and efficiency hydraulic driven clamping system.

4. High flexbility 4 station processing system suitable for low quantity high production run customized bottle production.

5. Able to integrate BottleViewer system into the machine to keep client informed about their production activites

6. Featuring the edge computing modules to analyse and monitor the machine to ensure the stability of barrel temperature.

7. BottleViewer system including production information, production history and machine status in real time.

8. Offer online service request and maintenance reminder for next service job are available.

9. User may talk to CHUMPOWER aervice engineers online.

rPET Injection Blow Molding Machine


Hank Wu

Sales Manager


Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (FCS) was founded in 1974. In 1978, FCS was successfully transformed into plastic injection molding machine manufacturer.The company is implementing a philosophy to create high value added products, and to integrate the business strategies of globalization and diversification.

In addition to the original business of injection molding machine R & D, manufacturing and sales, since 2001, FCS also branches out into Magnet cable business, 3C optoelectronics and materials technology industry. It is expected to lead the group heading to a much higher precision and high-tech areas, and to enhance FCS corporate value and international competitiveness in order to achieve the target of permanent continued operation.

1. The injection & charging unit is electrified by using servo driven system, combined the advantages of FA series to generate the new design FA-e Hybrid electric IMM, which improves the precision molding stability, reduces the oil pump consumption, and save energy by more than 70%.

2. The high efficiency motor cooling fan contributes to motor heat sinking, the fan efficiency is 30% better than the competitors.

3. The strength of frame increased by more than 50% compared with the tradition hydraulic machine.

4. Customers can adopt the iMF4.0 system to help build its production history.

Intelligent and advanced servo hydraulic injection molding with electric driven injection unit

FA-e Series

iMF 4.0 (Intelligent ManuFactory) system can be mounted on the injection molding machines and can independently adjust and control quality parameters based on the surrounding information.

1. Stabilization-The IMM has adaptive control to meet the slight fluctuations of molding condition.

2. Optimization-Applying process quality sensor monitoring to improve the yield and reduce waste.

3. Automation - The IMM and peripherals communicate with each other to autonomously control the process quality.

4. Intellectualization-Using smart and remote monitoring to plan maintenance in advance, and reduce unexpected downtime.

Intelligent ManuFactory

iMF 4.0

David Lo



POLYSTAR, established in 1988 and is the world's leading supplier of professional recycling machines. Through a more compact design and a humanized control interface, POLYSTAR can specifically achieve the goal of high automation and high intelligence for customers in the production process. In addition to design, the production of the machinery has also undergone rigorous production management, and the precision and quality of each machine are strictly controlled, with the goal of achieving perfect quality.

In the future, POLYSTAR will actively develop higher-performance, high-capacity, high-energy-saving recycling machines, and integrate Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing into the mechanical design, taking customer needs as the starting point and continuing to create added value and strengthen product advantages.

1. Perfectly integrate the isolated shredding unit into the recycling machine

2. Equipped with intelligent feeding energy-saving control technology to ensure the stability and optimization of feeding

3. Using digital program calculation technology and energy-saving inverter module to develop a fully automatic pelletizing system

4. Adopt intelligent PLC control system, integrate highly visual and user-friendly human-machine interface, greatly shorten the operator's learning curve

5. Embody smart manufacturing, Value-added circular economy

High-Efficient Shredding Recycling Line

Repro-One 85

Mandy Liao

Marketing Executive

YOKE Industrial Corp.

YOKE is Taiwan based manufacturer of lifting fittings for chain, wire rope and webbing slings for almost 35 years. Certified by ISO 9001 as well as DNV, API, ABS, SABS and DGUV.

"Safety" has been a key factor to be considered when YOKE engages itself in all operational activities and is also indispensable in communications with all stakeholders. Safe product quality is provided to customers, safe workplace to employees, safe procurement activities and requirements to suppliers, and safe operational outcome to shareholders. Looking into the future, under the brand name of “YOKE”, the company will continue to secure its presence on the global market for safety protection equipment and to demonstrate the values of “safety” and “sustainability.”

YOKE Digital Yellow Point offers a risk-free and cost-saving solution for lifting across industries. Turning, rotating and tilting are commonly required in lifts which increase the risk level of the lift, causing the bolt to back out and failing the lift. This danger can happen with standard eye bolts. However, Yellow Point bring you the best solution with considerable safety feature.

Furthermore, with digital chip equipped, you can access Product details and traceability information, Safe Use Instructions or even conduct a pre-use check before a lift to name a few.

Digital Yellow Point

YP Series

BlueSupra Series

SupraTag is an innovative product identification and it is developed for bringing solutions to long existing problem in the lifting industry such as:

1. Storing product digitally, solving the long existing issues of paperwork and asset management 

2. SupraTag with software platform can alert defective products by mobile phone or other device

3. Manufacturer Authentication

4. RFID/NFC anti-metal interference technology, Increase the efficiency of reading product Information

Furthermore, SupraTag is multi-patented and can certainly perform well through third party testing which can be applied to different severe environment with the absolute durability.

With Product Information Digitization, the inspection or manufacturing record can definitely save paper in use and the planet!

RFID SupraTag

BlueSupra Series