Topics for Paper

Food Biotechnology 食品生技

Agricultural Biotechnology 農業生技

Medical and Healthcare 醫療與健康照護

Other Biotechnology related 其他生技相關

Important Deadlines


General Guidelines for Submission


  1. Abstracts must be original and must not be or have been published. 摘要必須原創,沒有發表過

  2. Abstracts must be submitted via our online Abstract Submission website.摘要須通過本研討會的在線摘要提交網站提交

  3. Abstracts shall be indicated for oral competition, poster competition or poster presentation (no competition) at the time of submission. Final oral competition participants will be notified by 12:00 p.m., November 17, 2022 (Taiwan time/ GMT +8). The submissions that are not selected for oral competition will be moved to poster competition. Both oral and poster competitions are limited to student participants. 提交摘要時,應註明摘要用於口頭競賽,海報競賽或海報發表競賽)。 最終的口頭比賽參賽者將於2022年1117中午12:00(台灣時間/格林尼治標準時間+8)通知。 如作者在投稿時勾選了相應選項,則未選擇進行口頭競賽的投稿將被移至海報競賽。 口頭和海報比賽都僅限於學生參加。

  4. The first author must present his/her research work, and must complete online registration to present in the congress. 第一作者須報告他/她的研究,且完成在線註冊才能在大會上發表.

  5. If the submitted abstract is part of a subsidy project from the Ministry of Science and Technology or other units, please indicate the subsidy unit and the project number.如提交的摘要是科技部或其他單位資助項目的一部分,請註明資助單位和項目編號

  6. Notification of abstract acceptance will be sent to the first author no later than November 15, 2022. 摘要接受的通知將在2022年11月15日之前發送給第一作者。

  7. The Scientific Program Committee reserves the right to reject any abstract when it considers not to be appropriate in relation to the congress criteria.摘要與大會標準不符,委員會保留拒絕任何摘要的權利

Abstract Format


  1. All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English. 所有摘要須以英文提交和發表/報告

  2. Font, text size and spacing 字體,文字大小和間距:

Font 字體: Times New Roman font
Title 標題: 16 points (bold)
Subheading 副標題: 14 points (bold)
Content 內文: 12 points
Keywords 關鍵詞: limited to 3-6 keywords
Spacing 間距: Line spacing should be set to 15 points.

  1. The first letter of each major word in the title must be capitalized 標題中每個主要單詞的首字母必須大寫.

  2. All abstracts must contain the following information: Background and Aim, Methods, Results and Conclusion, Keywords 摘要須包含以下信息:背景和目標,方法,結果和結論,關鍵字.

  3. The research work must be presented by first author. The corresponding author must be added a star marker after his/her name 研究工作須由第一作者報告。 通訊作者的名字後面須加星號.

  4. Abstracts (not including title, authors, institutions and keywords) should be no more than 300 words. Tables or figures are not allowed 摘要(不包括標題,作者,機構和關鍵字)不得超過300字。 不使用表格或數字

  5. File format: All submissions should be saved in Microsoft Word format (Word 2007 or later) and sent via submission site 文件格式:所有提交應以Microsoft Word格式(Word 2007或更高版本)保存,並通過提交網站發送.

Instruction on paper competition


  • Individual online registration is required. Please do not register by poster paper group. At least one author must register for each poster.

  • If you sign up for the Oral Competition, your abstract will be evaluated by experts and scholars in related fields. Selected submissions will receive notifications and the remaining submissions could participate in the Poster Competition if choose so at the time of submission.
    報名口頭論文競賽,大會將會交由專家學者從投稿論文中評選 ,並在選中後通知;其餘摘要可參加海報比賽(如果報名時選擇參加)

Instruction on poster format


  • Title of the poster, author(s), affiliation, and abstract of the paper must be included and written in English. 含題目、作者、所屬單位、論文摘要,內容以英文呈現。

  • The poster size is 90-cm wide x 120-cm high, and the color and format are not limited. 海報尺寸寬 90cm x 高 120cm,顏色及格式不拘。

  • The main author should be at the place where the poster is posted at the scheduled time of publication, to answer questions. 發表者請於發表時間在海報張貼地點就位,以便回答提問者問題。

  • Please bring your own poster and post it in the designated area where the paper number indicates by 9:00a.m. on 12/2. 發表者請自備海報,並於12/2 上午9點前,張貼於論文編號位置。

  • Vertical poster boards and stationery are provided on site, but there is no projection equipment or power supply. 現場備有立式海報板及張貼文具,無放映設備及電源。

  • Please remove the poster after the event is over. If it is not removed, the working staff will handle it and the poster will not be returned. 海報請於活動結束後自行撤除,未撤除者,將由工作人員逕行處理,恕不發還。

Rules on oral presentation


  • Oral presentation time: 8 minutes report, 2 minutes Q&A. Two minutes before the time limit and when the time is up, placard will be raised to remind the speaker. Please make sure to finish your presentation within the time limit. 口頭發表時間:8分鐘報告,2分鐘Q&A。在倒數第2分鐘及時間到時,將各舉牌提示一次,請報告人掌握時間。

  • Presentation file submission time: Please E-mail the presentation file (ppt) to before November 21, 2022 (Monday). 簡報繳交時間:請於20221121日(一)前將簡報檔 E-mail 至

  • The presentation file must be named "paper number_thesis title", and the subject title for the email should be "2022 TES oral presentation file" (you will receive a "paper number" via email when your abstract is accepted). 簡報檔檔名請以”論文編號_論文題目”命名,郵件主旨請「2022 TES 口頭報告簡報檔」(摘要接受後您會收到email提供論文編號)

Paper competition awards


口頭論文競賽: Oral Paper Contest

第一名獲 5000 元及獎狀 The first place: 5000 NTD and a certificate

第二名獲 4000 元及獎狀 The second place: 4000 NTD and a certificate

第三名獲 3000 元及獎狀 The third place: 3000 NTD and a certificate

其他三組為佳作獲 2000 元及獎狀。Honorable mention: 2000 NTD and certificates

海報論文競賽: Poster Contest

分為表觀遺傳及生物科技及健康照護兩組分別競賽: Poster contest will be conducted into two separate sessions: Epigeneitcs and Biotechnology & Healthcare

第一名獲 2000 元及獎狀The first place: 2000 NTD and a certificate

第二名獲 1500 元及獎狀 The second place: 1500 NTD and a certificate

第三名獲 1000元及獎狀 The third place: 1000 NTD and a certificate

佳作若干名頒發獎狀一紙。Honorable mention: a certificate