ITI 2018

Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational

Welcome to ITI 2018!

Hello, my name is Janzen Alejo, and as the Director of Committee I would like to thank you for visiting the official website of the 24th annual Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational, hosted by Senryu Taiko at the University of California, Riverside. The purpose of this website is to be your personal guide throughout the weekend by offering an easy-to-use platform that has an accessible Event Schedule, a list of the professional instructors, a list of participating schools (organized by their showcase day), and other accommodations.

Below is a map to UCR Parking Lot 6, where all attendees and guests can park for the event and concert! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach any one of us through the Contact Page.

See you all soon!

Special Thanks

  • Quality Inn
  • Greg Hamilton
  • Mike Donovan
  • Jason Dunk
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jung
  • Studio Riverside Mediaworks
  • Geovanni Mayoraldavalos
  • Deanna Timmons
  • Victoria Do
  • Hyemin Jung
  • Asano Taiko U.S
  • Dr. Deborah Wong
  • Reverend Tom Kurai
  • TCA
  • Gloria Kum!
  • Ashton Culbertson
  • Juana Flores
  • Dr. Kelechi Kalu
  • Chris Johnson
  • Dr. Mariam Lam
  • Aikido Ai
  • Amy Suzuki
  • Reasey Heang
  • Terry Nguyen
  • TaikoMix
  • UCLA
  • Gabrielle Austria
  • Tony Lee
  • Henry Wu
  • Richard & Elvira Ricafort
  • Ramon & Amelia Nicolas
  • Florentino & Consuelo Agdinaoay
  • Dr. Lourdes Cruz
  • Jessica Woods


  • Kristofer Bergstrom
  • Tiffany Tamaribuchi
  • Kenny Endo, Taiko Center of the Pacific
  • Isaku Kageyama
  • Yuta Kato, UnitOne
  • David Wells
  • Yeeman Mui
  • Makoto Taiko
  • Sascha Molina, Sacramento Taiko Dan
  • Prota
  • San Jose Taiko
  • Naruwan Taiko
  • Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko
  • Kishin Daiko

Alumni Leaders

  • Kevin Chen
  • Charlotte Kane
  • David McKnight
  • Joshua Yoon
  • Al Dupont
  • Patrick Cruz
  • Joel Mankey
  • Audrey Tu
  • Anthony On
  • Chelsey Calingo
  • Jason Junio
  • Alex Oakland
  • Clara Takahashi
  • Doug Sakamoto
  • Devin Tani

Good luck to Stanford